Teera studies the clouds caressing the wing of the plane. They seem to be in no hurry, gliding at an imperceptible speed, melting into one another like fragments of a childhood memory. We’re going so fast it seems we’re sitting…Read more


For the first time in a decade Ridge Lockhart was coming home.  He circled his Evektor Harmony over Silver Feather Ranch—the hundred-thousand-acre spread sprawling across Jeff Davis and Presidio counties—that had been in his family for six generations.  A cheery…Read more

Mysteries & Thrillers

The room’s east windows flared with a hot torment that seared across Harris Stuyvesant’s brain, stabbing through his eyes, splintering his thoughts, turning his mouth to old shoe leather: cracked, greasy, foul.  A long way off, miles and miles away,…Read more

SF & Fantasy



Taylor Antrim

Catherine pulled her jacket around her and took in deep lungfuls of the chilly morning air. It was going to be okay. It was going to be okay. Catherine repeated this three times over, as if casting a spell. She’d…Read more

Teen & YA

Ugh,” I groaned, draped atop Kato’s broad and fuzzy back in his chimera form. “Seriously, I feel like I’ve been run over by a flock of wicked witches.”  “No, just stabbed by one. Be grateful you aren’t dead anymore.”  I…Read more