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Title: Caravanserai, Artist: Carlos Santana
Title: Creedence Gold, Artist: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Title: Canciones de Mi Padre, Artist: Linda Ronstadt
Title: Live at the Royal Albert Hall with the World Festival Orchestra, Artist: The Moody Blues
Title: Roll the Bones, Artist: Rush
Title: Purple, Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Title: Her Greatest Hits: Songs of Long Ago, Artist: Carole King
Title: Greatest Hits [Special Products], Artist: Gary Puckett & the Union Gap
Title: Cat's in the Cradle and Other Hits, Artist: Harry Chapin
Title: The Best of Johnny Cash [Curb], Artist: Johnny Cash
Title: Michael Bublé, Artist: Michael Bublé
Title: Breakaway, Artist: Art Garfunkel
Title: The Monkees, Artist: The Monkees
Title: Super Hits, Artist: Willie Nelson
Title: Communiqué, Artist: Dire Straits
Title: Shot of Love, Artist: Bob Dylan
Title: But Seriously, Folks..., Artist: Joe Walsh
Title: Mozart In The Morning, Artist:
Title: Night in the Ruts, Artist: Aerosmith
Title: Let's Talk About Love, Artist: Celine Dion

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