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Title: Dog Selfies, Author: Charlie Ellis
Title: The Evolution of Useful Things, Author: Henry Petroski
Title: Earthly Paradise, Author: William Morris
Title: Untamed Alaska, Author: Steven S. Kaufman
Title: Everlasting Cat, Author: Mildred Kirk
Title: China: Land of Eternity, Author: Bill Harris
Title: Statue of Liberty, Author: Michael George
Title: Impressionists, Author: Antonia Cunningham
Title: The Bandanna Book: 50 Uses for an American Original, Author: Ty Juan Ahn
Title: Krazy Kids Food: Vintage Food Graphics, Author: Steve Roden
Title: Manet, Author: R. Wrigley
Title: Monet, Author: Vanessa Potts
Title: Manet by Himself, Author: Juliet Wilson-Bareau
Title: Art Collections of Great Britain and Ireland: The National Art Collections Fund Book of Art Galleries and Museums, Author: Jeannie Chapel
Title: Art Masterpieces in 3-D, Author: L. C. Casterline
Title: Great Adaptations, Author: Jill Herbers
Title: The Renaissance (Art in Detail), Author: Jeannie Labno
Title: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Title: American Family Norman Rockwells, Author: Norman Rockwell
Title: Indelible Image: Photographs of War, 1846 to the Present, Author: Jane Livingston

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