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Title: Vikings: A Dark History, Author: Greg O'Brien
Title: Tutankhamun: The Story of Egyptology's Greatest Discovery, Author: Jaromir Malek
Title: The World Encyclopedia of Archaeology: The World's Most Significant Sites and Cultural Treasures, Author: Aedeen Cremin
Hardcover $12.98 $45.00 Current price is $12.98, Original price is $45.00.
Title: Decoding the Pyramids: Exploring the World's Most Enigmatic Structures, Author: John DeSalvo
Title: Native Tongues, Author: Charles Berlitz
Title: Evil Eye, Author: Frederick Thomas Elworthy
Hardcover $1.99 $7.95 Current price is $1.99, Original price is $7.95.
Title: Deciphering the Past: From Tombs, Graves and Mummies, Author: Tony Allan
Title: The Witches and Wizards: History and Traditions of White Magic, Author: Anton Adams
Title: The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion, Author: James George Frazer
Title: Deadly Silence: The Ordeal of Cheryl Pierson: A Case of Incest and Murder, Author: Dena Kleiman
Hardcover $5.99 $19.95 Current price is $5.99, Original price is $19.95.
Title: Bible Then and Now, Author: Jenny Roberts
Title: Tombs, Graves and Mummies: 50 Discoveries in World Archaeology, Author: Paul G. Bahn
Title: A Dictionary of Symbols, Author: J. E. Cirlot
Title: Guide to the Valley of the Kings, Author: Alberto Siliotti
Title: Egyptian Hieroglyphs for Everyone, Author: Joseph Scott
Title: The History of Witchcraft and Demonology, Author: Montague Summers
Title: Clans and Families of Ireland, Author: John Grenham
Title: Civilization of Ancient Crete, Author: R.f. Willetts
Title: Wonders of the World: Masterpieces of Architecture from 4000 BC to the Present, Author: Alessandra Capodiferro
Title: Symbols, Author: Sandra Forty

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