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Title: Birds, Author: Adele D. Richardson
Title: World Book's Animals of the World, Author: World Book
Title: Nature's Children, Author: Grolier Educational (Firm) Staff
Title: Grzimek's Student Animal Life Resoure Set Birds, Author: Melissa C. McDade
Title: Insects and Other Invertebrates, Author: Grolier Educational Staff
Title: Xtreme Raptors, Author: Abdo Publishing
Title: Great Horned Owls, Author: Doug Wechsler
Title: Birds: Volumes 11-20 (Ground Birds/Seabirds/Shorebirds/Waterbirds/Hunting Birds/Omnivorous Birds/Seed, Fruit and Nectar-eating/Insectivorous/Tropical Forest/Unusual Birds), Author: Inc Grolier
Title: Mammals: World of Animals, Author: Pat Morris
Title: Let's Discover Warm-Blooded Animals, Author: Steckvaughn Publishers Raintree
Title: Nature's Children, Author: Lorien Kite
Title: Animal Families: Penguins, Author: Grolier Educational Staff