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Title: Globalization and the Race for Resources, Author: Stephen G. Bunker
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Title: Competitiveness of the U.S. Minerals and Metals Industry, Author: National Research Council
Title: Moving Mountains: Communities Confront Mining and Globalization, Author: Geoff Evans
Title: Hawke's Law: The Politics of Mining and Aboriginal Land Rights in Australia, Author: Ronald Libby
Title: Culturas bananeras: Producción, consumo y transformaciones socioambientales, Author: John Soluri
Title: The Cornish Mineral Industry: Past Performance and Future Prospect, Author: JH Trounson
Title: Waste Characterization and Treatment, Author: William (Editor) Petruk
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Title: Nonfuel Minerals: Foreign Dependence and National Security, Author: Raymond Mikesell
Title: Glass Towns: Industry, Labor, and Political Economy in Appalachia, 1890-1930s, Author: Ken Fones-Wolf
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Title: Two Hundred Years of Soot and Sweat: The History and Archeology of Vermont's Iron, Charcoal, and Lime Industries, Author: Victor R. Rolando
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Title: A Stake in the Future: Redefining the Canadian Mineral Industry, Author: Mary Louise McAllister
Title: Emerging Process Technologies for a Cleaner Environment, Author: Subhash Chander
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Title: A Question of Balance: Natural Resources Conflict Issues in Australia, Author: David Mercer
Title: Glass from Quseir al-Qadim and the Indian Ocean Trade, Author: Carol Meyer
Title: The Limits to Satisfaction: An Essay on the Problem of Needs and Commodities, Author: William Leiss
Title: Raw Materials Purchasing: An Operational Research Approach, Author: Brian G. Kingsman
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Title: Hemingray Glass Company: A Most Colorful History, Author: Clarice Gordon
Title: Mining, Politics, And Development In The South Pacific, Author: Michael C Howard
Title: China's Energy And Mineral Industries: Current Perspectives, Author: James P Dorian
Title: Mining and Metallurgy Investment in the Third World: The End of Large Projects?, Author: Olivier Bomsel

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