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Title: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, Author: Sean Covey
Title: The Motley Fool Investment Guide for Teens: 8 Steps to Having More Money Than Your Parents Ever Dreamed Of, Author: David Gardner
Title: The Young Investor: Projects and Activities for Making Your Money Grow, Author: Katherine R. Bateman
Title: A Walk in the Deciduous Forest, Author: Rebecca L. Johnson
Title: What's the Big Idea?: Question-Driven Units to Motivate Reading, Writing, and Thinking, Author: Jim Burke
Title: A Little History of Economics, Author: Niall Kishtainy
Title: Steve Jobs: Insanely Great, Author: Jessie Hartland
Title: Teamwork Means You Can't Pick the Side that's Right, Author: Scott Adams
Title: Second Acts: Creating the Life You Really Want, Building the Career You Truly Desire, Author: Stephen M Pollan
Title: Secret Millionaires Club: Warren Buffett's 25 Secrets to Success in the Business of Life, Author: A. Heyward
Title: Speak Out: Debate and Public Speaking in the Middle Grades, Author: John Meany
Title: Yogo: The Great American Sapphire, Author: Stephen M. Voynick
Title: Carnegie: The Richest Man in the World, Author: Raymond Lamont-Brown
Title: Building Everyday Leadership in All Teens: Promoting Attitudes and Actions for Respect and Success, Author: Mariam G. MacGregor
Title: Blue Chip Kids: What Every Child (and Parent) Should Know About Money, Investing, and the Stock Market, Author: David W. Bianchi
Title: Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Secrets about Money - That You Don't Learn in School, Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki
Title: Story of Money, Author: Betsy Maestro
Title: Trump: A Graphic Biography, Author: Ted Rall
Title: Young Person's Occupational Outlook Handbook, Author: JIST Publishing Editors
Title: So You Want to Be a Chef: Your Guide to Culinary Careers / Edition 2, Author: Lisa M. Brefere

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