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Title: The Dresden Files Collection 7-12, Author: Jim Butcher
Title: The Complete Wheel of Time, Author: Robert Jordan
Title: The Complete Malazan Book of the Fallen, Author: Steven Erikson
Title: A Vlad Taltos Collection: Dragon, Issola, Dzur, Jhegaala, Iorich, Tiassa, Hawk, Vallista, Author: Steven Brust
Title: The Malazan Empire Series: (Night of Knives, Return of the Crimson Guard, Stonewielder, Orb Sceptre Throne, Blood and Bone, Assail), Author: Ian C. Esslemont
Title: Dune: Legends, Heroes, Schools: (The Butlerian Jihad, The Machine Crusade, The Battle of Corrin, Paul of Dune, The Winds of Dune, Sisterhood of Dune, Mentats of Dune, Navigators of Dune), Author: Brian Herbert
Title: The X-Wing Series: Star Wars Legends 10-Book Bundle: Rogue Squadron, Wedge's Gamble, The Krytos Trap, The Bacta War, Wraith Squadron ,Iron Fist, Solo Command, Isard's Revenge, Starfighters of Adumar, Mercy Kill, Author: Michael A. Stackpole
Title: Harry Potter: La Collection Complète (1-7), Author: J. K. Rowling
Title: The Runelords Series: (The Runelords, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Wizardborn, The Lair of Bones, Sons of the Oak, Worldbinder, The Wyrmling Horde, Chaosbound), Author: David Farland
Title: The Blood Curse Series: First Ten Books, Author: Tessa Dawn
Title: A Kitty Norville Collection: Kitty's Big Trouble, Kitty Steals the Show, Kitty Goes to War, Kitty Rocks the House, Kitty in the Underworld, Low Midnight, Kitty Saves the World, Kitty's Greatest Hits, Author: Carrie Vaughn
Title: A Grand Tour Collection: Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Tales of the Grand Tour, Powersat, Mercury, Titan, Mars Life, Leviathans of Jupiter, Farside, New Earth, Author: Ben Bova
Title: The Complete Texas Rangers Series: Buckskin Line, Badger Boy, The Way of the Coyote, Ranger's Trail, Texas Vendetta, Jericho's Road, Hard Trail To Follow, Other Men's Horses, Texas Standoff, Author: Elmer Kelton
Title: Harry Potter: La Colección Completa (1-7), Author: J. K. Rowling
Title: A Pathfinder Tales Collection: Lord of Runes, Liar's Island, Beyond the Pool of Stars, Bloodbound, Pirate's Prophecy, Hellknight, Liar's Bargain, Starspawn, Shy Knives, Reaper's Eye, Through the Gate in the Sea, Gears of Faith, Author: Paizo Publishing LLC.
Title: Harry Potter: Die Gesamtausgabe (1-7), Author: J. K. Rowling
Title: Perry Rhodan-Paket 48: Terranova (Teil 2): Perry Rhodan-Heftromane 2350 bis 2399, Author: Perry Rhodan Redaktion
Title: Perry Rhodan-Paket 47: Terranova (Teil 1): Perry Rhodan-Heftromane 2300 bis 2349, Author: Perry Rhodan Redaktion
Title: The Essential Novels: Star Wars Legends 10-Book Bundle, Author: James Luceno
Title: Perry Rhodan-Paket 45: Der Sternenozean (Teil 1): Perry Rhodan-Heftromane 2200 bis 2249, Author: Perry Rhodan Redaktion

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