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Classic Gothic Horror Anthology Volume I: Frankenstein, Dracula, and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
50 Masterpieces you have to read before you die Vol: 1
50 Masterpieces you have to read before you die Vol: 2
50 Masterpieces of Gothic Fiction Vol. 1: Dracula, Frankenstein, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Picture Of Dorian Gray...
The Lair of the White Worm.
The Big Book of the Masters of Horror, Weird and Supernatural Short Stories: 120+ authors and 1000+ stories in one volume (Kathartika Classics)
The Complete Works of Bram Stoker
Dracula (Classic Starts Series)
Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories
50 Masterpieces you have to read
The Gates of Life
Classic Authors Super Set Series 1 (Golden Deer Classics)
Famous Impostors
The Mystery of the Sea

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Title: Halloween Classics + The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Nathaniel Hawthorne, William Butler Yeats, Bram Stoker and More!, Author: Washington Irving
Title: Bram Stoker - The Dualitists, Author: Bram Stoker
Title: Victorian Fangs (Illustrated), Author: Bram Stoker
Title: Masters of Horror, Suspense and the Supernatural: 100 Stories, Author: Martin Monreal
Title: Vampire Classics (Illustrated), Author: Bram Stoker
Title: Dracula, Author: Bram Stoker
Title: Great Ghost Stories, Author: Troll Books
Title: Five Bloodcurdling Mysteries, Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Title: The Vault of Dracula - A Collection of Vampiric Tales from the Pen of Bram Stoker (Fantasy and Horror Classics), Author: Bram Stoker
Title: Ten of the Best Classic Crime Novels, Author: Wilkie Collins

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