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Title: Guinness World Records 2015 Bonus Chapter, Author: Guinness World Records
Title: Fairies a Hidden History, Author: Paul Boylan
Title: Mission: Imponderable, Author: Darren Bane
Title: Life is short: Try These Things Before You Move To Heaven OR Hell!!!, Author: Rakesh Trivedi
Title: Your Journey from Death to Rebirth, Author: Alex Telman
Title: The Story of a Special Day: Sample Book, Author: Michael Dobson
Title: A Brief GuideTo Living With Danger, Author: Mike Dixon
Title: Wisdom with Little Wine, Author: Arpita Roy
Title: Adventures In The Library Featuring The Dewey Decimal Classification Volume 1, Author: The Pesky Librarian
Title: QWO Vol 2, Author: Ryan Romero
Title: 101 Curiosidades sobre a Bíblia Sagrada, Author: Elias Ramos
Title: Lets Win Lotto, Author: Rod Seeber
Title: Contos do Paranormal, Author: Manuel Antonio Goncalves
Title: 101 Fatos que você não sabia e nem procurou saber, Author: Fernando Braga
Title: 101 Leis de Murphy, Author: Fernando Bragança
Title: Meglio un uovo oggi... I proverbi della Toscana, Author: goWare ebook team
Title: 106 Tweet sulla passione. Identità e visione del mondo: Non solo passione amorosa e vendicativa, Author: Francesco Barba