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Title: Washington Information Directory 2004-2005, Author: CQ Press
Title: Suenos Y Palabras 11, Author: Norma S.A.
Title: Dragon's Gate (Golden Mountain Chronicles: 1867), Author: Laurence Yep
Title: Dams and Waterways, Author: Cynthia Phillips
Hardcover $153.00 $170.00 Current price is $153.00, Original price is $170.00.
Title: The Prince and the Pauper, Author: Mark Twain
Title: Colonial America: Primary Sources, Author: Peggy Saari
Title: Pre-Algebra: Problem Solving Applications, Author: Merrill
Title: Kevin Harvick: NASCAR Driver, Author: Greg Roza
Title: Health Tech: The Apps and Gadgets Redefining Wellness, Author: The New York Times Editorial Staff
Title: Prentice Hall Science Explorer Video Exploration, Author: Staff of Prentice Hall
Title: The Sittin' Up, Author: Shelia P. Moses
Title: Oracles of Delphi Keep (Oracles of Delphi Keep Series #1), Author: Victoria Laurie
Title: Toby and the Secrets of the Tree, Author: Timothée De Fombelle
Title: Industrial Revolution Reference Library Biographies: Biographies, Author: James L. Outman
Title: The Cottage in the Woods, Author: Katherine Coville
Audio CD $54.94 $55.00 Current price is $54.94, Original price is $55.00.
Title: Military by the Numbers, Author: Amie Jane Leavitt
Other Format $75.40 $109.28 Current price is $75.40, Original price is $109.28.
Title: Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo (Leven Thumps Series #1), Author: Obert Skye
Title: Science Explorer Life Science: Teacher Online Access Pack, Author: Michael J. Padilla
Title: Computer Numerical Control, Author: Hans B. Kief
Title: Presenting Young Adult Science Fiction, Author: Gale

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