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Title: The Story of My Life: Library Edition, Author: Helen Keller
Title: Shortchanged by History: America's Neglected Innovators, Author: Vernon Pizer
Title: Jimmy Connors: King of the Courts, Author: Francene Sabin
Title: Tracy Austin: Tennis Wonder, Author: Peter Talbert
Title: Sports Hero: Bill Walton, Author: Marshall Burchard
Title: Pete Rose: They Call Him Charlie Hustle, Author: Bill Libby
Title: Many Kinds of Courage: An Oral History of World War II, Author: Richard Lidz
Title: Nolan Ryan: Fireballer, Author: Bill Libby
Title: Jacob Lawrence, Author: Janet Boris
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Title: International Biographies Asia, Australia and Oceania, Author: Center for Learning Network Staf
Title: The Wright Sister, Author: Richard Maurer
Title: Lou Gehrig: Courageous Star, Author: Robert Rubin
Title: The Usborne Book of Explorers, Author: Felicity Everett
Title: Uncle George Washington and Harriot's Guitar, Author: Miriam Anne Bourne
Title: Storm: Irving Krick vs. The U. S. Weather Bureaucracy, Author: Victor Boesen
Title: Bill Walton: Super Center, Author: Irwin Stambler
Title: Totally Tyra: An Unauthorized Biography, Author: Lila Chase
Title: Satchel Paige: All-Time Baseball Great, Author: Robert Rubin
Title: Luis Munoz Marin: The Man Who Remade Puerto Rico, Author: Peggy Mann
Title: The God Hunt: A Discovery Book for Boys and Girls, Author: David R. Mains

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