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Title: Yellow House, Author: Grete Janusz Hertz
Title: Casey! Charles Stengal, Author: James Hahn
Title: Pete Rose, Author: Bob Rubin
Title: Young and Black in America, Author: Rae P. Alexander
Title: Born to Hit: The George Brett Story, Author: Gib Twyman
Title: Contemporary Indian Leaders, Author: Marion E. Gridley
Title: Ernest Rutherford: Architect of the Atom, Author: Peter Kelman
Title: Heroes of Pro Hockey, Author: Stanley I. Fischler
Title: Vasco Nunez de Balboa: A World Explorer, Author: Faith Y. Knoop
Title: Young and Female: Turning Points in the Lives of Eight American Women, Author: Pat Ross
Title: Bright Star: A Portrait of Ellen Terry, Author: Constance Fecher
Title: Nolle Smith: Cowboy, Engineer, Statesman, Author: Bobette Gugliotta
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Title: John Muir, Author: Glen Dines
Title: Twenty Years A-Growing, Author: Maurice O'Sullivan
Title: Joseph Henry: Father of American Electronics, Author: P. Jahns
Title: Classic Horse Stories: A Heartwarming Collection of Equine Tales, Author: Karen L. Mitchell
Title: Up, up, and Away: The Story of Amelia Earhart, Author: Susan Canizares
Title: Enrico Fermi: Father of Atomic Power, Author: Sam Epstein
Title: O. J. Simpson, Author: Ray Hill
Title: White House Children, Author: Miriam Anne Bourne

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