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Title: Sees Behind Trees, Author: Michael Dorris
Title: The Half-a-Moon Inn, Author: Paul Fleischman
Title: Edith Herself, Author: Ellen Howard
Title: See You Tomorrow, Charles, Author: Miriam Cohen
Title: Spectacles, Author: Ellen Raskin
Title: I Help the Handicapped, Author: Christine Kohler
Title: Happy Birthday to You, Author: Su Chen Fang
Title: Crystal Moonlight, Author: David K. Waldman
Title: The Seeing Summer, Author: Jeannette Eyerly
Title: Whisper Whisper Jesse, Whisper Whisper Josh: A Story about AIDS, Author: Eileen Pollack
Title: Mittens, Mittens and More Mittens!, Author: Laura Maryon
Title: Pursuit of the Enemy, Author: Kenneth Copeland Publishing
Title: You Shouldn't Have to Say Good-Bye, Author: Patricia Hermes
Title: When the Road Ends, Author: Jean Thesman
Title: Donnie Makes a Difference, Author: Sandra Haines
Title: It's Not Fair, Author: Carol Gorman
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Title: The Special Raccoon: Helping a Child Learn about Handicaps and Love, Author: Kim Carlisle
Title: My Friend Emily: A story about Epilepsy and Friendship, Author: Susanne M. Swanson
Title: Heart Smart, Author: Tony Huesman
Title: The Meanest Teacher, Author: Joni Eareckson Tada

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