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Title: The Bad Dreams of a Good Girl, Author: Susan Richards Shreve
Title: The Sleeping Beauty Picture Book (Illustrated), Author: Walter Crane
Title: The Magic Bed, A Book of East Indian Fairy-Tales [Illustrated], Author: Hartwell James
Title: Grandma and the Pirates, Author: Phoebe Gilman
Title: One Cow Coughs: A Counting Book for the Sick and Miserable, Author: Christine Loomis
Hardcover $16.08 $17.00 Current price is $16.08, Original price is $17.00.
Title: Harvey Hare, Postman Extraordinaire, Author: Bernadette Watts
Title: Enchanted Hair Tale, Author: Alexis De Veaux
Title: Freckles and Willie: A Valentine's Day Story, Author: Margery Cuyler
Paperback $3.81 $4.95 Current price is $3.81, Original price is $4.95.
Title: The Rat Pack: Rizzo's Countdown Adenture, Author: Lara Rice Bergen
Title: The Two Thieves. (A Black Tent Story), Author: Tibetan Fairy Tales
Title: Frankenstein, Author: Mary Shelley
Title: The Story Of The Yara, Author: Andrew Lang
Title: Best Man for the Job: A Story about the Meaning of Father's Day, Author: Louise Mandrell
Title: Daoine Shie, Or The Men Of Peace, Author: Folklore and Legends
Title: Fergus and the Sea Monster, Author: Yasuko Kimura
Title: I'm Jose and I'm Okay: Three Stories from Bolivia, Author: Werner Holzwarth
Hardcover $12.81 $13.95 Current price is $12.81, Original price is $13.95.
Title: The Cracker Crumb Rescue, Author: Carolyn J. Schott
Title: Manhattan; A Story, Author: Jean Christian Knaff
Title: Aloni Gabriel y Mariposa. Aloni Gabriel and Butterfly, Author: Elena Iglesias
Title: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Tom Sawyer's Comrade, Author: Mark Twain

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