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Title: Samantha on Stage, Author: Susan Clement Farrar
Title: Whitey Takes a Trip, Author: Glen Rounds
Title: The Pirate Movie, Author: William Rotsler
Title: Kids, Author: Laurence Anholt
Title: The Mysterious Stranger, Author: Eric E. Wiggin
Title: Good-Bye, Charles Lindbergh, Author: Louise Borden
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Title: Too Many Secrets, Author: Betty Ren Wright
Title: Is There Room on the Bus?, Author: Piers
Title: Whitey and the Colt-Killers, Author: Glen Rounds
Title: Morganfield Mouse, Author: Ann Hobart
Title: The Clover County Carrot Contest, Author: John Himmelman
Title: The Highest Hit, Author: Nancy Willard
Title: Stuart Little, Author: E. B. White
Title: Sticky Statues, Author: Mona Gansberg Hodgson
Title: Almost a Hero, Author: John Neufeld
Title: Grandma, Tell Me a Story, Author: Lynn Floyd Wright
Title: Drummer Boy's Battle: Florence Nightingale, Author: Dave Jackson
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Title: Here Comes Ginger, Author: Elaine L. Schulte
Title: Sing, Elvis, Sing!, Author: Stephanie Spinner
Title: Mystery at the Basketball Game, Author: Silky Sullivan

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