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Title: My Little Klondike Nugget: A Collection of Comical Doggie Tales, Author: P. E. Yanisiw
Title: Jokes For Kids: 301 Funny Holiday Jokes & Riddles, Author: Lizzy Burbank
Title: Golfwinkle -- Golf 8, Author: Desi Northup
Title: Smokey the Frog -- Living in the Wild 10, Author: Desi Northup
Title: Halloween -- Pumpkin Man, Author: Desi Northup
Title: Words In My Mouth, Author: Virginia Warren
Title: The Road to Des Moines, Author: Gigi Perry
Title: Kids Knowledge Booster Puzzles, Author: Mark Connell
Title: Childrens Mind Boggling Puzzles : A Must Have Puzzles Collection, Author: Peter Hill
Title: Tom the Target-Tailed Turkey, Author: Richard Alan Dickson
Title: Gracie's Hats (Because Girls Need Lots Of Hats!), Author: Penelope Dyan
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Title: Curious Kids Challenging Puzzles, Author: Mark Connell
Title: Rockin' Rooster -- A Day on the Farm 16, Author: Desi Northup
Title: Kangaroo and Friends Birthday Party, Author: Desi Northup
Title: All About Scooter, Author: M. McDowell
Title: Cowabunga -- A Day on the Farm 10, Author: Desi Northup
Title: Amazing Brain Teasers For Kids, Author: James Harris
Title: Neo Politan, Author: Bon Fuller
Title: Goofy Comics, Number 38, The Magic Luck Charm (NOOK Comic with Zoom View): Digitally Remastered, Author: Yojimbo Press LLC
Title: 102 Hilarious Jewish Jokes For Kids, Author: Janet Solursh

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