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Title: Auschwitz - Discover the Gruesome Encounters of the Holocaust Prisoners and How They Used Positive Thinking to Overcome Frightful Experiences and to Escape from the Concentration Cam, Author: Old Natural Ways
Title: D-Day - A Short History for Kids, Author: Jonathan Madden
Title: Family Haggadah, Author: Shoshana Silberman
Title: Rahab's Red Thread, Author: Eric Rottmann
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Title: The Beginnings of Nations : The Histories of Israel, Peru, the Two Koreas and Brazil Geography History Books Junior Scholars Edition Children's Geography & Culture Books, Author: Baby Professor
Title: The Star Houses: A Story from The Holocaust, Author: Stewart Ross
Title: Auschwitz: True Tales From a Grotesque Land, Author: Sara Nomberg-Przytyk
Title: The New Covenant: Jewish Writers and the American Idea, Author: Sam B. Girgus
Title: Journey Back, Author: Johanna Reiss
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Title: Simchat Torah: A Family Celebration, Author: Judith Z. Abrams
Title: Amicable Agreement Versus Majority Rule: Conflict Resolution in Switzerland, Author: Jürg Steiner
Title: The Holocaust, Author: Richard Conrad Stein
Title: Yellow House, Author: Grete Janusz Hertz
Title: In Jesus' Day, Author: Evelyn Witter
Title: Why Did Nehemiah Work So Hard?, Author: Pauline Youd
Title: Cien Lecciones de Historia Sagrada, Author: Juan Scavia
Title: Jews, Turks, and Infidels, Author: Morton Borden
Title: Nehemiah's Greatest Day, Author: Penny Frank
Title: Remember Not to Forget: A Memory of the Holocaust, Author: Norman H. Finkelstein
Title: Our Teacher Is Missing, Author: Candice F. Ransom

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