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Title: Rail Travel, Author: Alan Cooper
Title: Manual Drive Trains and Axles, Author: Chris Johanson
Title: Sink the Bismarck: Germany's Super-Battleship of World War II, Author: Tom McGowen
Title: Stealth Fighters and Bombers, Author: Don Berliner
Title: Fast Attack Submarine: The Seawolf Class, Author: Gregory Payan
Title: The Lockerbie Airline Crash, Author: Madelyn Horton
Title: The Incredible Quest to Find the Titanic, Author: Bradford Matsen
Title: The World's Worst Aircraft, Author: Jim Winchester
Title: Henry Ford, Author: Lucent Books
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Title: Coming Out Right: The Story of Jackie Cochran, the First Woman Aviator to Break the Sound Barrier, Author: Elizabeth Simpson Smith
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Title: Ships, Author: Neil Morris
Title: Aeronautics, Author: Christina M. Girod
Title: Titanic: Disaster at Sea, Author: Michael D. Cole
Title: The Transcontinental Railroad and the Great Race to Connect the Nation, Author: Wim Coleman
Title: The Story of Harley-Davidson, Author: Hal Rogers
Title: Survive at Sea with the U. S. Navy Seals, Author: Chris McNab
Title: Auto Technician, Author: Chris Jozefowicz
Title: Water Travel, Author: Eryl W. Davies
Title: Flying Gunship: The AC-130 Spectre, Author: Kevin J. Fitzpatrick
Title: Get up and Go!: The History of American Road Travel, Author: Sylvia Whitman
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