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Title: Sliver, Artist: Nirvana
Title: I Ran (So Far Away)/New Year's Day, Artist: Effcee
Title: Do I Make You Proud/Takin' It to the Streets, Artist: Taylor Hicks
Title: Heartbeat, Artist: Big Black
Title: That Time of Year Again, Artist: Sick Puppies
Title: He's a Whore, Artist: Big Black
Title: Il Duce, Artist: Big Black
Title: Soul Sound, Artist: Mule
Title: The Swords Against, Artist: Back When
Title: Old Dream, Artist: Paul Bergmann
Title: Goodbye, Barcelona, Artist: Pokey LaFarge
Title: 4 Minutes, Artist: Avant
Title: Die Slow, Artist: HEALTH
Title: Sawdust Man, Artist: Ben Kweller
Title: Float, Artist: Pacific Air
Title: Seven Nation Army, Artist: Effcee
Title: Tastee 29, Artist: Kamikaze Queens
Title: Duvan, Artist: Amason
Title: Still Don't Seem to Care, Artist: Talk In Tongues
Title: W.D.M.R.S/Tongues, Artist: We Are Hex

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