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Title: Heretics, Author: G. K. Chesterton
Title: The Famous: Book 5, Author: Blago Kirov
Title: El tatuaje. Magia sobre la piel., Author: Rodrigo Vera
Title: Apología de Sócrates, Author: Platón
Title: Classical Considerations: Musings Prompted by the Late Harvard Master John H. Finley, Jr., Author: Steven McFadden
Title: Thomas Carlyle, Author: G. K. Chesterton
Title: Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans(Plutarch's Lives), Author: Plutarch
Title: Hypatia von Alexandria: Eine Geschichte aus dem Altertum: Lebensgeschichte der berühmten Mathematikerin, Astronomin und Philosophin (Historischer Roman), Author: Fritz Mauthner
Title: The Baby Boomer Chronicles, Author: Keith
Title: Thomas Müntzer, Author: Gerhard Wehr
Title: The Memorabilia or Recollections of Socrates, Author: Xenophon
Title: The Best of Benjamin Franklin (Annotated) Including: The Autobiography, Memoirs, and Letters, Author: Benjamin Franklin
Title: Rudolf Eucken, Author: Abel Jones
Title: Francis Bacon, Author: R. W. Church
Title: It's the Economy, Stupid: a Rhodes Scholar Education in One Hour, Author: Andre Jute
Title: Platons Apologie des Sokrates & Xenophon's Erinnerungen an Sokrates: Sokrates: Der Mann und die Philosophie - Das literarische Portrat des Sokrates von seinen Schulern, Author: Platon
Title: Paracelso - Il medico maledetto, Author: Allendi René
Title: Baron D'Holbach : a Study of Eighteenth Century Radicalism in France, Author: Max Pearson Cushing
Title: Autobiography, Author: John Stuart Mill
Title: The Fathers of Socialism: The Life and Legacy of Karl Marx, Author: Charles River Editors

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