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Title: The Legendary Harry Caray: Baseball's Greatest Salesman, Author: Don Zminda
Title: Handsome Ransom Jackson: Accidental Big Leaguer, Author: Ransom Jackson
Title: Bill Russell, Author: Murry R. Nelson
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Title: Gentleman Gerry: A Contender in the Ring, a Champion in Recovery, Author: Gerry Cooney
Title: Glove Affair: My Lifelong Journey in the World of Professional Boxing, Author: Randy Gordon
Title: Wilma Rudolph: A Biography, Author: Maureen M. Smith
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Title: Baseball's Top 10: Ranking the Best Major League Players by Position, Author: Robert Kuenster
Title: Icons: My Inspiration. My Motivation. My Obsession., Author: Bradley Wiggins
Title: Lyman Bostock: The Inspiring Life and Tragic Death of a Ballplayer, Author: K. Adam Powell
Title: How
Title: The Forgotten Legacy of Stella Walsh: The Greatest Female Athlete of Her Time, Author: Sheldon Anderson
Title: Dick Bosman on Pitching: Lessons from the Life of a Major League Ballplayer and Pitching Coach, Author: Ted Leavengood
Title: Legendary Sports Writers of the Golden Age: Grantland Rice, Red Smith, Shirley Povich, and W. C. Heinz, Author: Lee Congdon
Title: Superdocious!: Racing Insights and Revelations from Legendary Olympic Sailor Rodney Pattisson, Author: Rodney Pattisson
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Title: Miyamoto Musashi: His Life and Writings, Author: Kenji Tokitsu
Title: The Man Who Built the National Football League: Joe F. Carr, Author: Chris Willis
Title: Women in Golf: The Players, the History, and the Future of the Sport, Author: David L. Hudson
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Title: Willie Keeler: From the Playgrounds of Brooklyn to the Hall of Fame, Author: Lyle Spatz
Title: Ty Cobb, Baseball, and American Manhood: A Red-Blooded Sport for Red-Blooded Men, Author: Steven Elliott Tripp
Title: The Cooperstown Chronicles: Baseball's Colorful Characters, Unusual Lives, and Strange Demises, Author: Frank Russo

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