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Title: Nolo's Plain-English Law Dictionary, Author: Gerald Hill
Title: The Maroonbook: The University of Chicago Manual of Legal Citation, Author: University of Chicago Law Review
Title: The Official Lawyers Joke Book, Author: Larry Wilde
Title: Grundsicherungsrecht - Hartz IV: Das Leistungsrecht der Grundsicherung für Arbeitsuchende, Author: Dr. Roland Derksen
Title: OSHA 3170 - Safeguarding Equipment and Protecting Employees from Amputations, Author: Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Title: South African legal dictionary : containing most of the English, Latin and Dutch terms, phrases and maxims used in Roman-Dutch and South African legal practice ; together with definitions occurring in the statutes of the South African colonies, Author: William Henry Somerset Bell
Title: Código Civil Brasileiro, Código de Processo Civil, Constituição da República Federativa do Brasil, Brasil, Lei, Legislação, Direito, Author: Montecristo Editora
Title: Dizionario dei termini giuridici, Author: AA. VV.
Title: Teoría del discurso y derechos humanos, Author: Robert Alexy
Title: 99 cent best seller The Rule That Saves (rule off,rule ok,rule on,rule out,rule over,rule the roost,rule the school,rule with an iron fist,rule-based,rule-governed), Author: Resounding Wind Publishing