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Title: The Complete Poetry of Sir Walter Scott: The Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, The Lady of the Lake, Translations and Imitations from German Ballads, Marmion, Rokeby, The Field of Waterloo, Harold the Dauntless, The Wild Huntsman., Author: Walter Scott
Title: THE CANDYLAND DANCE ~~ Candy-Themed Stories For Your Sweet Rhyming Pleasure, Author: Marilynn Anderson
Title: The Shooting of Dan McGrew and Other Great Poems for Kids, Author: Charles Ryan
Title: Drinks with Lilly Pulitzer, Author: Tattletale
Title: Peacock Pie: A Book of Rhymes for Children, Author: Walter De La Mare
Title: All Round the Year (Illustrated), Author: E. Nesbit
Title: Mice and Rats Poetry Writing, Author: Teresa LIlly
Title: Partly Cloudy: Poems of Love and Longing, Author: Gary Soto
Title: Super Weird Awfully Funny Lines, Author: JHB Falcon
Title: Fifty Wonderful Christmas Poems for Kids, Author: Gerald Murphy
Title: The Jungle Books (Illustrated), Author: Rudyard Kipling
Title: Lion Food, Author: Mary Margaret Ann Hines
Title: American Indian Poetry Writing, Author: Teresa LIlly
Title: Jack Frost, Author: Nikolay Nekrasov
Title: The Odyssey, Author: Homer
Title: What Memories Have You Made About The Hockey You've Played?, Author: Cameron S. Matthews
Title: Shakespeare's Sonnets, Author: William Shakespeare
Title: Flies' Talk, Author: Houssein Ben Amor
Title: Lyrical Ballads and other Poems by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth (Including Their Thoughts On Poetry Principles and Secrets): Collections of Poetry which marked the beginning of the English Romantic movement in literature, including poems, Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Title: Poop, Butt, Booger & Snot, Author: L. W. Lewis

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