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Read the books that inspired some of our favorite movies and television shows.

Altered Carbon
Ready Player One
Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams
Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1) (HBO Tie-In Edition)
Annihilation (Southern Reach Trilogy #1)
The Handmaid's Tale
American Gods (The Tenth Anniversary Edition)
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (Dirk Gently Series #1)
The Elfstones of Shannara (Shannara Series #2)


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The Shadow Files Pre-Order Now
Mageri Series Boxed Set (Books 1-3)
Fantasy in Death (In Death Series #30)
The Immortals
Flames of Rebellion
Garden Spells
Darkness Hunts (Dark Angels Series #4)
The Queen of Blood (Queens of Renthia Series #1)
Year One (Chronicles of the One Series #1)
Burn Bright (Alpha and Omega Series #5) Pre-Order Now
Iron Gold (Red Rising Series #4)
Ready Player One
Infinity Wars
The Handmaid's Tale
Lilith's Brood: The Complete Xenogenesis Trilogy

B&N Readouts

Empire of Dust

by Jacey Bedford

Cara gripped the arms of her seat as the Dixie Flyer rose on antigravs into the air lock, and the double doors slid shut behind them. The outer doors opened. Ben engaged the drive and eased out into the stark beauty of space. Cara’s weight fell away. She bounced gently against her restraints. Stars glinted brightly through the radiation-proof forward bubble. On the rear viewscr... Read more on B&N Readouts.

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Year One (Chronicles of the One Series #1)
Iron Gold (Red Rising Series #4)
Ghosts of Sanctuary: The Sanctuary Series, Volume 9
Call to Vengeance
Shroud of Eternity: Sister of Darkness: The Nicci Chronicles, Volume II
Hell's Bell (The Lizzie Grace Series)
A Song for Orphans (A Throne for SistersBook Three)
Fallen Five
Blades Of Illusion: Crown Service #2
1637: The Volga Rules
Jaron's Promise (A World Beyond, #6)
Into the Fire
Cast in Deception (Chronicles of Elantra Series #13)
Child of a Mad God: A Tale of the Coven
Aliens Abroad

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The Shadow Files Pre-Order Now
Burn Bright (Alpha and Omega Series #5) Pre-Order Now
High Voltage (Fever Series #10) Pre-Order Now
Tiger Striped Pre-Order Now
Twice Bitten (Argeneau Vampire Series #27) Pre-Order Now
Lake Silence Pre-Order Now
Dark Sentinel Pre-Order Now
Serpentine Pre-Order Now
Dark Queen Pre-Order Now
Brief Cases Pre-Order Now
Torched: A Dragon Romance Pre-Order Now
Ocean Light (Psy-Changeling Trinity Series #2) Pre-Order Now
Stygian Pre-Order Now
Twin Dragons' Destiny Pre-Order Now
The Hills Have Spies Pre-Order Now