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Title: Winter's End, Author: John Rickards
Title: Dead Letters, Author: Tom Piccirilli
Title: Order Of Rage, Author: Lisa Caviness
Title: Debito di sangue, Author: Michael Connelly
Title: Street Legal: The Betrayal, Author: William Deverell
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Title: Murder the Mystery, Author: Sil Stubb
Title: Playing Dead, Author: R G Belsky
Title: A Simple Act of Violence, Author: R. J. Ellory
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Title: Eyes of a Stalker: A Shelby Belgarden Mystery, Author: Valerie Sherrard
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Title: Jill 9, Author: J.D. Tynan
Title: Der Täuscher: Roman, Author: Jeffery Deaver
Title: SKA: Serial Killers Anonymous, Author: William Schlichter
Title: The Double Human, Author: James O'Neal
Title: Williamson Romance- Angel Unawares, It Happened in Egypt, Golden Silence, Second Latchkey, Rosemary, Port of Adventure, Author: A. M. Williamson
Title: Patty Fairfield Fleming Stone Dtective -Jingle Book Mystery of the Sycamore Gold Bag A Chain of Evidence Luminous Face, Author: Carolyn Wells
Title: I'll Be Watching You, Author: Charles de Lint
Title: Deadly Heat (Italian Edition), Author: Richard Castle
Title: The Bear, Author: S. K. Epperson
Title: A Fold in the Tent of the Sky: A Novel, Author: Michael Hale
Title: The Last Voice They Hear, Author: Ramsey Campbell

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