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Title: How To Modify Your Kayak To Personalize It To Your Needs, Author: Richard Johnson
Title: Paddle Your Own Kayak: A Guide To The Art Of Kayaking! AAA+++, Author: Bdp
Title: Begin Your Kayaking Adventures: A Simplified Guidebook On Kayaking For Beginners With Basic Kayaking Tips On Kayaking Gear And Kayak Training For You To Learn How To Kayak And Prepare For The Ultimate Kayaking Adventure Of Your Life, Author: Chris G. Stewart
Title: Your Guide to the Wonderful World of Kayaking, Author: Steven Jensen
Title: A Kayaking Bible, Author: Brian Spearman
Title: Wind Strategies for Kayakers: Challenges, Solutions, & Mastery, Author: Jay Gitomer
Title: A Season on the Water, Reflections from the Red Kayak, Author: Mary Anne Smrz
Title: The Last River: The Tragic Race for Shangri-la, Author: Todd Balf
Title: The Official 2011 Boating Bible:This Boating Book will teach you about types of boats, boating safety tips and boating for beginners if you ever wanted to educate yourself on buying a boat or all the things you need to know about operating boats, Author: Bruce E. Armstrong
Title: Beginners Kayaking: An Absolute Beginner's Guide To Kayaking, Types Of, Prices, Buying Tips, Gear, Racing And Much More!, Author: Joslyn K. Sias
Title: Follow Me: Leadership & Trip Planning for Paddlers, Author: Jay Gitomer
Title: Day Tripping: Kayak Wisconsin Door County Peninsula Bluffs, Beaches, Lighthouses, and Shipwrecks, Author: Babs Malchow Smith
Title: Lost in the Everglades and Other Florida Kayaking Adventures, Author: Ken Weyand
Title: Kayaking! Family Fun! The
Title: Paddle Your Own Kayak, Author: Anonymous
Title: Unofficial 2012 Olympic Guides: USA Canoe/Kayak Slalom, Author: Kyle Richardson
Title: The Proper Paddler: Posture & Body Mechanics, Author: Jay Gitomer
Title: The Ultimate Guide to Walleye Fishing - Learn the Angler Secrets to Fishing for Walleye, Author: James Wade
Title: Natural Sunburn Remedies - Learn the Secrets to Prevent Damage from the Sun Without Chemicals, Author: Michelle Brown
Title: Kayak Adventure Guide for Beginner, Author: Brayden Bell

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