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Title: A Journey Through Potions and Herbology, Author: Pottermore Publishing
Title: A Pagan Book of 123s, Author: Shanddaramon
Title: The Good Witch's Daily Spellbook: Quick, Simple, and Practical Magic for Every Day of the Year, Author: Patti Wigington
Title: What Not to Were, Author: Dakota Cassidy
Title: Wicca: A Beginner's Guide to Witchcraft, Spells, Rituals, and Magick, Author: C. Larsen
Title: Witch Is the New Black, Author: Dakota Cassidy
Title: You Are a Goddess: Working with the Sacred Feminine to Awaken, Heal and Transform, Author: Sophie Bashford
Title: Wicca Made Easy: Awaken the Divine Magic within You, Author: Phyllis Curott
Title: The 10 Laws of Transmutation: The Multidimensional Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Author: Dan Desmarques
Title: A Little Bit of Wicca: An Introduction to Witchcraft, Author: Cassandra Eason
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Title: Wicca Candle Magic: How To Unleash the Power of Fire to Manifest Your Desires (Wicca Spell Books, #2), Author: Leonie Sage
Title: Simple Wiccan Magick Full Moon Spells and Rituals, Author: Holly Zurich
Title: The Book of Witches, Author: Oliver Madox Hueffer
Title: Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America, Author: Margot Adler
Title: Simple Candle Magick: Easy, Powerful Candle Spells for Beginners to Wicca and Witchcraft, Author: C. Larsen
Title: Grimoire of Santa Muerte, Volume 2: Altars, Meditations, Divination and Witchcraft Rituals for Devotees of Most Holy Death, Author: Sophia diGregorio
Title: Wicca Book of Spells (Wicca Spell Books, #1), Author: Leonie Sage
Title: Wicca, Druidry and Shamanism: Flash, Author: Teresa Moorey
Title: The GLAM Witch: A Magical Manifesto of Empowerment with the Great Lilithian Arcane Mysteries, Author: Michael Herkes
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Title: Candle Magic (simple spells for beginners to witchcraft, #1), Author: Raven Willow

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