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Crocuses and Crime Book Cover Image
Crocuses and Crime

by London Lovett

The new year is off to a smooth start. Pink's Flowers is doing well and Lacey is growing even closer to her wonderful boyfriend, Detective James Briggs. But when a local man is killed, one of Lacey's dearest friends is implicated in the murder. Briggs has asked her to step away from the case but Lacey is determined to find the real killer. Will her meddling cause irreparable damage to their relationship? Lacey must risk everything, including her heart, to find the truth.


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Wicked Knight Book Cover Image
Wicked Knight

by Sawyer Bennett

Asher Knight is tall, dark, and wickedly handsome. He’s also irrevocably broken. Submerging himself in long hours at work by day and debauchery at The Wicked Horse by night, Asher uses work and play to numb the pain and guilt he feels over the death of his wife. What isn’t satisfied with one will surely be resolved by the other. At least that’s how he’s survived the last few years...


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