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Title: Conversations with Myself, Author: Nelson Mandela
Title: Mossad Exodus, Author: Gad Shimron
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Title: Distant Companions: Servants and Employers in Zambia, 1900-1985, Author: Karen Tranberg Hansen
Title: Scribbling the Cat: Travels with an African Soldier, Author: Alexandra Fuller
Title: Carthage Must Be Destroyed: The Rise and Fall of an Ancient Civilization, Author: Richard Miles
Title: Tower of the Sun: Stories From the Middle East and North Africa, Author: Michael J. Totten
Title: Strength in What Remains, Author: Tracy Kidder
Title: Memoirs of an Arabian Princess from Zanzibar, Author: Emily Ruete
Title: Darkwater, Author: W. E. B. Du Bois
Title: Command of Honor: General Lucian Truscott's Path to Victory in World War II, Author: H. Paul Jeffers
Title: The Desert and the Sea: 977 Days Captive on the Somali Pirate Coast, Author: Michael Scott Moore
Title: Islamic Fundamentalism in Egyptian Politics, Author: Barry Rubin
Title: The Lion Sleeps Tonight: And Other Stories of Africa, Author: Rian Malan
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Title: The Man-eaters of Tsavo, Author: John Henry Patterson
Title: The Murder of Tutankhamen, Author: Bob Brier
Title: The Simple Guide To Nelson Mandela, Author: Chris Scott
Title: Inside the Hotel Rwanda: The Surprising True Story . . . and Why It Matters Today, Author: Edouard Kayihura
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Title: Madame President: The Extraordinary Journey of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Author: Helene Cooper
Title: Lose Your Mother: A Journey Along the Atlantic Slave Route, Author: Saidiya Hartman
Title: The Zanzibar Chest: A Story of Life, Love, and Death in Foreign Lands, Author: Aidan Hartley
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