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Title: 1922, Author: Stephen King
Title: 20th Century Ghosts, Author: Joe Hill
Title: Dracula's Guest (Audio-eBook), Author: Stoker
Title: Typhoid Mary, Author: Charlie Dalton
Title: The Sun Dog, Author: Stephen King
Title: The Unbeliever: A Morbid Tale, Author: Zachery Miller
Title: The Complete Tales and Poems, Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Title: Different Seasons, Author: Stephen King
Title: The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, Author: Stephen King
Title: Growing Things and Other Stories, Author: Paul Tremblay
Title: Blue World, Author: Robert R. McCammon
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Title: Full Dark, No Stars, Author: Stephen King
Title: Violent, Author: C.J. Pinard
Title: The Pit And The Pendulum (Audio-eBook), Author: Poe
Title: Just after Sunset, Author: Stephen King
Title: Philophobia, Author: Sin Ribbon
Title: The King in Yellow, Author: Robert W. Chambers
Title: Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, Author: M. R. James
Title: The Novice Ghost Hunter, Author: Martin J. Best
Title: Awake By Night, Author: Erica Damon

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