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Title: Hypnosis: Theory, Practice and Application, Author: Raphael H. Rhodes
Title: Who Are You and Why Are You Here?, Author: Peter Daniel Francuch
Title: How to Stop Smoking in Three Hours, Author: Sidney Petrie
Title: Master The Power Of Self-Hypnosis: Program Your Subconscious to Attain Health, Wealth & Happiness, Author: C. Roy Hunter
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Title: Self-Mastery Through Self-Hypnosis, Author: Roger H. Bernhardt
Title: Reliving Past Lives: The Evidence under Hypnosis, Author: Helen Wambach
Title: Helping Yourself with Autogenics, Author: Sidney Petrie
Title: Hypnosis, Is It For You?, Author: Robert McDermott
Title: Self-Improvement Through Self-Hypnosis: A Complete Programme To Help You Shape Your Own Destiny, Author: R. N. Shrout