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Title: Engineers for Change: Competing Visions of Technology in 1960s America, Author: Matthew Wisnioski
Title: Engineering Invention: Frank J. Sprague and the U.S. Electrical Industry, Author: Frederick Dalzell
Title: Activity-Centered Design: An Ecological Approach to Designing Smart Tools and Usable Systems, Author: Geraldine Gay
Title: Acting with Technology: Activity Theory and Interaction Design, Author: Victor Kaptelinin
Title: Self-Trust and Reproductive Autonomy, Author: Carolyn McLeod
Title: Digital Nation: Toward an Inclusive Information Society, Author: Anthony G. Wilhelm
Title: Me++: The Cyborg Self and the Networked City, Author: William J. Mitchell
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Title: Leading Geeks: How to Manage and Lead the People Who Deliver Technology / Edition 1, Author: Paul Glen
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Title: Tactical Biopolitics: Art, Activism, and Technoscience, Author: Beatriz da Costa
Title: Transforming Global Information and Communication Markets: The Political Economy of Innovation, Author: Peter F. Cowhey
Title: Digital Ground: Architecture, Pervasive Computing, and Environmental Knowing, Author: Malcolm McCullough
Title: Prefiguring Cyberculture: An Intellectual History, Author: Darren Tofts
Title: Retooling: A Historian Confronts Technological Change, Author: Rosalind Williams
Title: Texture: Human Expression in the Age of Communications Overload, Author: Richard H. R. Harper
Title: When the Lights Went Out: A History of Blackouts in America, Author: David E. Nye
Title: Acting in an Uncertain World: An Essay on Technical Democracy, Author: Michel Callon
Title: Specificity and the Macroeconomics of Restructuring, Author: Ricardo J. Caballero
Title: Social Capital and Information Technology, Author: Marleen Huysman