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Title: Engineers for Change: Competing Visions of Technology in 1960s America, Author: Matthew Wisnioski
Title: Engineering Invention: Frank J. Sprague and the U.S. Electrical Industry, Author: Frederick Dalzell
Title: Retooling: A Historian Confronts Technological Change, Author: Rosalind Williams
Title: Press On: Principles of Interaction Programming, Author: Harold Thimbleby
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Title: Self-Trust and Reproductive Autonomy, Author: Carolyn McLeod
Title: Tactical Biopolitics: Art, Activism, and Technoscience, Author: Beatriz da Costa
Title: Technology Human Becoming, Author: Philip J. Hefner
Title: Palm Handheld Computers: Student Software Guide / Edition 1, Author: Michael Curtis
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Title: The Economics of Industrial Innovation, Author: Christopher Freeman
Title: Lowell: The Story of an Industrial City : a Guide to Lowell National Historical Park and Lowell Heritage State Park, Lowell, Massachusetts / Edition 1, Author: National Park Service (U.S.)
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Title: The Trouble with Computers: Usefulness, Usability, and Productivity / Edition 1, Author: Thomas K. Landauer
Title: Texture: Human Expression in the Age of Communications Overload, Author: Richard H. R. Harper
Title: The Information Revolution and Developing Countries / Edition 1, Author: Ernest J. Wilson III
Title: Internet Publishing and Beyond: The Economics of Digital Information and Intellectual Property / Edition 1, Author: Brian Kahin JD
Title: Prefiguring Cyberculture: An Intellectual History / Edition 1, Author: Darren Tofts
Title: Prefiguring Cyberculture: An Intellectual History, Author: Darren Tofts
Title: Transforming Global Information and Communication Markets: The Political Economy of Innovation, Author: Peter F. Cowhey
Title: Turning Points in Western Technology : A Study of Technology, Science, and History / Edition 1, Author: Donald Stephen Cardwell
Title: Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time, Author: Dava Sobel
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Title: Beyond Therapy: Biotechnology and the Pursuit of Happiness / Edition 1, Author: Leon Kass
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