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LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox
Smithsonian Wave Machine
Springs Showers Thinking Putty 2
Sweet Heart Thinking Putty 2
Fresh Grass Thinking Putty 2
Cheep! Cheep! Thinking Putty 2
Crazy Aaron's Super Scarab Mini Thinking Putty
Sour Candy Factory
I Dig It! Rocks - Real Minerals Excavation Kit
Solar Rover
3D Solar System Kit
Electric Plane Launcher
Solar Robot
Water Rocket

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50mm Refractor Table Telescope with Case
TKx400i Dual-LED Microscope
Makey Makey - An Invention Kit for Everyone
Snap Circuits Junior
Crazy Aaron's Greatest Hits
YOUniverse Ultimate Chemistry Lab
Archi-TECH Electronic Smarthouse
Kids First Coding & Robotics
Strawbees Coding and Robotics Kit
Foundation Chemistry Kit: Beakers and Bubbles
Physics Workshop intro to mechanics
MC2 Chemistry Lab

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Magic Science for Wizards Only
Mind Blowing Science
Geosafari Binoculars With Compass
Glow-in-the-Dark Fun Lab
3D Solar System Kit
Tasty Science

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Snap Circuits Junior
Pop Bottle Science
Solar Robot
Snap Circuits LED Fun
Shark Teeth Dig Kit