When they were all in their twenties and getting to know one another, it was Lydia Smith who was in love first with Alexandr. He was married at that time, in the mid-eighties, to his first wife Juliet. Sandy was three…Read more


Some days, a girl reached a point where her best course of action was to run away from her problems.  Melissa Fielding hung up the phone after yet another unproductive discussion with her frustrating ex-husband, drew in a deep, cleansing…Read more

Teen & YA

The California sun wakes me up after only three hours. I squeeze my eyes shut and bury my head in my arms. I had that dream about Alex again, the one I’ve had several nights in a row. We’re at a…Read more


The second snowstorm was a full-fledged blizzard. It lasted almost twenty-four hours, pinning down all living things on the mountain. All Morgan could do was wait it out for a day and a night while maintaining an economical fire from…Read more