Years ago I did a particularly angry set onstage. I talked about AIDS, the end of the world, and how silly and hopeless life was. A guy came up to me after the show and asked, “Why comedy?”  That was…Read more

In 1938, the Boston Red Sox spring training headquarters was in Sarasota, on Florida’s Gulf Coast. After Ted signed his contract, Eddie Collins called Bobby Doerr and asked him to chaperone Williams across the country.  Doerr had played infrequently in…Read more

Discovery: One rarely hears this word associated with travel anymore; like “culture shock,” it seems to be from another time. The great geographical, geological, scientific discoveries have all been made, or await scholars and experts, not tourists on vacation.  But…Read more

That spring, desperate for money, Archie swallowed his pride and called upon Orry-Kelly, to whom he had not spoken for two years, and who had during that time become a highly sought-after Broadway set and costume designer. Orry-Kelly was happy…Read more

I decide to visit the place where Britain first learned how to live in partnership with water – because, like many hard-won lessons, it’s something we may be in danger of forgetting. The Fens were in large part drained, but…Read more