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Graham sat behind his ebonized desk, one detailed in a floral pattern that he had purchased because he thought it blended well with their Chinese porcelain collection. He ran an impatient hand through his shock of unruly black hair, a…Read more

Winter dead, spring dying, and summer waiting in the wings.  Slowly, the town of Boreas was changing: seasonal rentals were being opened and cleaned, the ice-cream parlor was ordering supplies, and the stores and restaurants were gearing up for the…Read more

Easy, boy, easy,” Holmes murmured to his Hanoverian, stroking his flank. A warmblood, Abie was not the swiftest of foot, but he had an intelligent gaze and an unfussy nature. Like many of his fellows, he was balanced, sturdy, and…Read more

The One Man

The One Man

Andrew Gross

The barking of the dogs was closing in on them, not far behind now.  The two men clawed through the dense Polish forest at night, clinging to the banks of the Vistula, only miles from Slovakia. Their withered bodies cried…Read more

At first Alice had found the gossip amusing, the overheard snatches of conversations, the furtive muttering in the butcher’s, the baker’s, the five-bar-gate maker’s, abruptly halting as her presence became known. She’d later laughed about it and shared the stories…Read more

Approaching the house, I noticed deferred maintenance. Rain gutters sagged. Cracks in the façade had begun to gape. The portico floor was missing bricks. The front door was solid oak, though, coffered and free of damage, flanked by two unplanted…Read more

I’d always loved Rupert’s club—one of those secretive places tucked well out of sight down a tight cobbled alley. After all these years I still wasn’t sure just which turning to take, and had to trust Rupert’s memory. He found…Read more

It took the cooperative doorman under two minutes to contact the doctors’ apartment, relay the information, and clear them up.  “Apartment 1800,” he told them as he escorted them to an elevator. “They’re expecting you.”  Since he was being so…Read more