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Whenever archaeologists apply any form of air- or space-based data to the assessment of modern landscapes, attempting to locate long-buried rivers or hidden ancient sites, they are doing “space archaeology,” also called “satellite archaeology” or “satellite remote sensing.” NASA shoulders…Read more

At Tranquility Base, Armstrong and Aldrin gave their location to Mission Control and to Collins. They took instrument readings and reported on the lunar landscape out their window. In the six hours inside the Eagle, parked on the lunar surface,…Read more

In September 1913, Bjerknes received a letter from Napier Shaw, the director of the British Meteorological Council. Shaw had recently appointed a mathematician to one of the United Kingdom’s more remote observatories, a place called Eskdalemuir, in Scotland. Shaw suspected…Read more

Just outside Huntsville in Alabama, the Americans stored their greatest prize of the Second World War – the German rocket team. A few years earlier Huntsville was small with some 13,000 inhabitants. The Army purchased 35,000 acres in 1940 to…Read more