SF & Fantasy

As soon as Red knew the End of the World was nigh she started packing. She sorted and discarded things in her pack until it was down to just the necessities—clothes (breathable layers that could be rolled up small), food…Read more

A MAN NAMED BRAMA trekked north along the peak of a knife-edge dune. A hot wind blew, scouring the dune’s windward side, sending spindrift to swirling. It tickled the fingers of his left hand, collected in the furrows between his…Read more

I—what? No, please. Let me just. This isn’t. Did somebody—? Keep those wing flaps level. Where was it? Don’t. Voices like seagulls babbling swarmed up in her ears and overwhelmed her senses. Oh, you are in trouble now. Daughter of…Read more

Hail pelted him like the drumming of a thousand clawed fingers as the ice squall roared across the ash-black ice with little to check its furious progress. Only the polished, fang-like karsts that reached into the deep slate-blue sky, stubborn…Read more



Reed King

We joined the crowds flowing together toward the Crunch 407 Production complex—thousands of us, a single force churning through the narrow Low Hill streets. Buzz saws made a regular electric music: after all the problems with gut wedge, HR was…Read more

The people we take down are threats to national security. Drug lords, terrorist cells, human traffickers. We don’t bust in with guns blazing. We don’t need to—not with my ability. I’ve planted a tracking device on a limo at LAX,…Read more

Her parents and grandfather went on ahead, Evelyn insisting she and Eve would hail a hansom cab and all would be well after a breath of fresh air.  ‘A breath of fresh air’ was their code for a full leave…Read more

It happened in the middle of a brightly moonlit night in the Beaujolais vineyards. The official account ran over four typed pages in triplicate:  Charmally-les-Vignes. Monsieur Pierre Chauveau (47) – witness statement on the events of 16 September 1954.  Section…Read more