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gregnewyorkcity More than 1 year ago
How do you solve a problem like Richard Carpenter? I run somewhere from resentment, sorrow,, and abject pity that someone so immensely talented (certainly in the earlier years of the Carpenters - his remix of Make Believe It's Your First Time (working from the wonderfully simple Phil Ramone original mix) should be buried deep within the earth -- he had managed to turn a beautiful performance by Karen into exactly the kind of sappy schtick that critics had always assailed them for),, but it's just so sad how little he has done iin the past 30 years except to regurgitate compilation after compilatoiio, tinkering endlessly with reengineering and remixing so much so that what the original sound he had so brilliantly created is going to have disappeared one day. And I have no dbout that there will be more "discoveries" - "oh, we just found this in my top drawer, and no one's heard it before, so here's one new song on yet another lineup of the same songs we loved so well. Richard, with his consistently self-serving liner notes (what can Karen say to rebut anything?), obviously stilll smarting over the recognition Karen was bestowed upon her legions of fans. Where is the Richard Carpenter who arranged the classic albums - Close To You, Carpenters, A Song For You, Horizon, and the innovative Passage (A Kind of Hush, on the other hand, was more than A Kind of A Bore). Richard, we have not forgotten your talent and it's time to realize that talent was , and is, recognized. Stop the greed of feeding off of the ffans, find someone to produce and arrange for, and get back to some real work. Everyone out here just shakes their head, which only compounds the jealous image you rightly or wrongly garnered back when. If Barbra Streisand is gilng to be able to come up with something like 12 DVDs this year, pull what's left together, release it, and let it go and get back to real work. I think Karen would be aghast to have witnessed these practically innumerable compilatoins -- and what's worse, is that you do the REALLY great compilatonis/special sets for Japan and not for the United States. Trust me, I heard Close to You long before those Japan fans. This is tough love, baby, not an attack on you (it would be an unwarranted attack if it wasn't true, but it's all true).
Robineliza More than 1 year ago
I looked every where for this CD . So where we live ,it was hard to place. So for Mother's Day I went online and found it here. It came fast and plays great. lol I know that Mom was so happy about it, she cried!
Walterama More than 1 year ago
The Carpenters were my favorite group at that time. My fondest memory at that time was when they were playing "We Only Just Begun" at my high school graduation. Whenever I hear that song on the radio and compact discs, it brings back memory. Karen Carpenter was the voice.
Jules22PA More than 1 year ago
Love The Carpenters music and this collection is awesome
CarolF More than 1 year ago
Always loved Karen Carpenter. Have new found respect for Richard. It's a beautiful, representative album. Play it often.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago