Beholding and Becoming: The Art of Everyday Worship

Beholding and Becoming: The Art of Everyday Worship

by Ruth Chou Simons

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Beholding and Becoming: The Art of Everyday Worship 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 56 reviews.
DarleneLTurner 13 days ago
Do we only set our hearts and minds on Christ on Sundays and holidays? If we do this, we become stagnant and stunt our opportunity of becoming. What would happen if we turned our gazes upward and see what Christ has done for us—in creation, through His sacrifice and mercy? Our worship can help us behold everything He’s done and truly become what He intended for us. Beholding and Becoming – The Art of Everyday Worship is an amazing devotional. Ruth Chou Simons captures God’s word through the chapters using words as well as lovely paintings. Each chapter includes two devotionals – one on Beholding, the other on Becoming. She gives us God’s word throughout along with over 850 pieces of original and beautiful artwork. I can’t recommend this devotional enough. It touched my heart in the words and paintings. Many reminded me of my dear mother and her love of birds, flowers, and God’s creations. I give Beholding and Becoming five huge stars! This book would make an awesome gift for someone you don’t know what to buy for! Pick up a copy for yourself and someone else today!
Anonymous 4 months ago
You will not find a more honest and gracious author... I’ve been fortunate to have been able to follow Ruth Chou Simon’s journey to becoming an author and I gifted her book Gracelaced to everyone I could think of and her newest book Beholding and Becoming will be the same. Not only is this book filled with convicting truth it’s filled with Ruth’s beautiful artwork from cover to cover. You will not regret treating yourself to this book and gifting this book to everyone you know.
Garduno 4 months ago
A Walk with Jesus that everyone needs. Words cannot explain the grace that is filled within these pages. The artwork is so elegantly placed to allow us to be focused on all of God's creation. I actually find myself looking for the animals/creatures that Ruth paints when I'm outside just to disappear in the book again from memory. Ruth definitely knows how to pull the emotions of your heart and help guide you to focus back onto Christ and know that as our life gets mundane that we can still have a closeness to God. This book has been a life saver especially when life falls apart, it opens my eyes to look to Christ. If I could hug Ruth I would give her the biggest squeeze in grateful tears as this book has impacted me so much. Please purchase this book, you will never regret it.
dgiles 5 months ago
BEHOLDING & BECOMING REVIEW ‘Beholding and Becoming’ is not only beautiful and a wonderful work of art but it is an inspiration to one’s heart and soul as well. Ruth Chou Simons expresses Biblical truths exquisitely. I have found her challenges, to fix my eyes on Jesus every day, edifying to my heart, mind and soul. And she does so in a peaceful, encouraging way that makes me feel like I’ve sat down and had coffee with a dear friend. This book will help guide your eyes to the Lord daily!
SharonMc 5 months ago
"Beholding & Becoming - The Art of Everyday Worship" is such an open & honest discussion about the awe we can feel towards God in our everyday life. It truly speaks to my heart about God's preeminence and encourages me to completely trust in Him. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you, Ruth, for sharing the gift God has given you.
kelliesnyder 5 months ago
I’ll start by saying what may already be obvious, this book, Beholding and Becoming, The Art of Everyday Worship by Ruth Chou Simons, is *beautiful*. The artwork throughout is entirely comprised of watercolors by Ruth. I have been familiar with and loved her work so much over the years, and even so, the beauty in this book exceeded my expectations. One of my favorite things is the glossary where she gives the meanings of the recurring things she painted and invites you to sit awhile to experience the words and the art together and be encouraged. The beauty in Beholding and Becoming is not limited to the artwork. The words are just as lovely. Each of the book’s 16 chapters is broken down into 2 sections: Beholding and Becoming. Ruth gives us a concept or attribute of the Lord to Behold and then gives us encouragement in allowing Christ to work in us so we can Become. The first chapter starts out with a bang in “Beholding: God’s Greatness in Creation” and then moves to “Becoming: It’s OK to be Small”. Ruth asks us the question of, Are we ok with God being great and us being not great? How do we see us and the Lord? Are we in control or is He? Other examples of chapters throughout the book are “Beholding: God’s Provision in the Unremarkable/Beholding: Learning to Love What Must Be Done” and “Beholding: God’s Example for Family/Becoming: The Mission Field is at Your Kitchen Table”. My favorite is the last chapter “Beholding: Our True Home/Becoming: Actively Abide”. In it Ruth talks of how nothing of this world will satisfy; our true home is in Him, the Lord Himself. Our longings will be satisfied solely in Him because He is whom we were created for. We were made to abide in him, but that abiding is an active thing not a passive one. It is a choice, a “deliberate pursuit”. If allowed, this book will pierce and prod, it will challenge and encourage. It offers us an opportunity to really question how and what we think of the Lord. It encourages us to allow all the workings of our everyday lives to be places and times of worship not just something to grit our teeth and get through. Being called to be worshippers is not just a calling to do a thing, it’s calling to know and respond to a person. My very favorite thing about Ruth is her consistency, day in and day out, in pointing us to see Jesus: to be looking to Him for all things and in all things. Beholding and Becoming is a beautiful extension of Ruth’s daily encouragements to worship in the midst of the everyday. I highly recommend.
LaurelWilliston 5 months ago
Beautiful artwork adorns well-crafted words that inspire, challenge, and encourage. They call me to pay attention and be aware of God’s creation all around me and thereby become more like Him even in the mundane routines of everyday life. Drawing from her own life and experiences, struggles and triumphs, wins and losses, the author/artist communicates spiritual truths by weaving words and pictures together. If you want an easy read that will move you closer to God and bring more beauty into your life, this is the book for you.
AErwin 5 months ago
I’ve been encouraged and spurred on by Ruth Chou Simons for years through her Instagram and Gracelaced artwork. To say I was excited about this new book is a big understatement. Her words always help adjust my perspective, allowing me to step out of the present, sometimes mundane moments, and see them in light of the gospel and the bigger story God is writing. Living in the age of innumerable distractions that are literally at our fingertips, Ruth’s words that “we become what we behold” hits close to home and challenges us to keep our eyes, hearts and minds on Christ. A perfect example is when she writes, “When we look to the God who provides the blessings and the work that accompanies them, today’s tasks become opportunities to praise, to give thanks and to remember the One we aim to please.” If you’re looking for a book to challenge and encourage you to see the glorious in the mundane then I whole heartedly recommend Beholding and Becoming.
ADelightfulGlow 5 months ago
Beholding and Becoming inspires us to look deeper into our lives, our days and see beyond the surface. It encourages us to focus on Jesus, behold Him, become more like Him, and to give contemplative thought to directing our attitudes and hearts in channels flowing in this direction. The beautiful artwork along with the thoughtful words renews, revives, and refreshes. This book invites us to sit and savor and embrace stillness for our hearts and souls to engage in this work of beholding and becoming. I love this quote from the book, “A heart focused on the faithfulness of Christ cannot lose heart in following His example.” If you’re looking for a beautiful new devotional and a friend in the pages, Beholding and Becoming may be the next book for you! This book makes a beautiful gift book and it’s so very lovely paired with Ruth Chou Simons first book, Gracelaced. I received an early copy and all opinions are my own.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Truly, to behold God's beauty is to become more like Him. And Ruth Chou Simons so artfully weaves these truths together with both her words and her beautiful watercolored images and hand-lettering. I especially appreciated her insights about being refined through doing hard and holy work, giving thanks in all circumstances. Thank you for inviting me to lift my gaze, Ruth. This is so much more than a coffee table book, and I will savor this for years to come. I know many other readers will as well.
Louanne Knupp 5 months ago
"“ Christ makes us NEW, not better.” Truthfully the beauty of “Beholding and Becoming The Art of Every Day Worship” is what draws me into this book. Ruth’s beautiful artwork catches my eye and piques my interest. As I read each chapter, her words spoke to my heart and encouraged me to “Behold” who God is, but to also “Become” who He created me to be. I found so many gems in this treasure that I had to keep my journal and pen handy so I could jot them all down. This book is perfect for you if you are wanting to dig deeper and gain more understanding of God’s Word. It will also be a joy to give as a gift to a friend. It will encourage them in their daily walk with Christ. "
RobRex 5 months ago
Reading “Beholding and Becoming” is like sitting down with a good friend over a cup of coffee, and coming away encouraged and renewed. The artwork in this book is simply breathtaking! I love all the images of things found in nature and how we can apply them to our everyday lives. Each chapter features a “Beholding “ section, challenging us to behold God in Creation, in our family, in everyday life , and many other topics. Ruth then shows us how to do these things as we “Become” like Christ in our everyday worship. Beautifully illustrated examples are given in each chapter. This book is a book you will turn to weekly for encouragement in your walk with Christ. Some favorite quotes are: “ Abundance begins with a heart that stores up its true treasure in Christ.” “ A heart focused on the faithfulness of Christ cannot lose heart in following His example.” This book will become a treasured book in your library!
Splayer 5 months ago
I've been needing a book like this for a long time and I bet you have too. Ruth says in the intro "We were made for one worship and one satisfaction, but our taste buds are skewed until our appetites are formed in and for him". And she asks "what really holds the places of your heart?" I've been asking God where are you in some difficulties and feeling so frustrated by ongoing struggles and yet if I'm truly honest, "What holds the places of my heart? What have I been beholding? Because that's what I'm becoming." This book takes you back to the basics, you Become what you Behold. If you're looking to get back to your first love, to that intimacy where true change happens as we meet with the Lord, then this is the perfect book for you. Full of scripture, solid truths, BEAUTIFUL artwork, opportunities for deep introspection and needed conviction. A must read for you and for you to gift to every woman you know!
Sweetpea53 5 months ago
My first exposure to Ruth Chou Simons was through her first book “Gracelaced” and I was so blessed by her words and by her amazing artwork. This book is just as inspiring in both what she writes and by her watercolor artwork. In each chapter, we are challenged to behold what God has done for us and in turn, choose to become what He has created us to be. This book is not meant to be left on the coffee table to be admired but rather to be devoured and highlighted and read again and again. Her thoughts and insights on worship in our everyday life are so moving that your soul cannot help but be stirred to action. Worship is not just meant for the four walls of our church buildings but also in our kitchens… in our workplaces…in our laundry rooms…in the coolness of our morning walks… in the quietness of the bedrooms of our sleeping children. It would be easy to get caught up in admiring Ruth’s artistic talent, but her words continually point us back to the Savior. This book is a gift from her heart… open it and receive it gratefully.
LaurenDV 5 months ago
Whether it’s online, in person or in her books, I am all ears for what Ruth has to share. She is wise, has a beautiful heart for the Lord, and always helps me to know Him better. Her newest book, Beholding and Becoming is no different. Her artistry throughout the book helps to set our minds on beauty and truth and her words help to point us to behold the goodness and glory of God. This hit me right where I am: “If you’re disheartened to find your actions misaligned with what your lips say about worshipping and loving God above all else, consider the possibility that you need more than a rearranging of schedule and priorities - you need to set your heart on what is truly worthy of worship.” I truly believe this book will help you do just that.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Beholding and Becoming by Ruth Chow Simons is a very timely and profound book for today. Not to mention her artwork is almost beyond description of beautiful. God has given her incredible wisdom that addresses so many areas of how to practically live out your faith in our world today. There are so many profound insights that it’s hard to choose what has impacted me the most already. I love her quote by her husband Troy “The clearest evidence that we posses something is that we are possessed by it”. To me this sums up the essence of where this book can guide you towards. We have to keeping Beholding Him so that we can be Becoming like Him. This will be a great discipling tool one on one or small group.
Anonymous 5 months ago
"You become what you behold. That's the general theme of the new book ""Beholding and Becoming,"" but the author goes so much deeper than that. Throughout the book I would find myself pausing to savor the truth being spoken. I'm a mom of four little boys. Ruth Chou Simons is the mom of six boys. While not much of her book addresses motherhood in particular I still felt she was talking to me as she called us to use our homes to minister in even the mundane tasks just as we would if we were on a foreign mission field. Our families are worth that. I would highly recommend this book as one of encouragement if you, like me, find yourself with your gaze being turned from Christ and fixed on the demands around you. "
Anonymous 5 months ago
Ruth does it again with her new book, Beholding & Becoming. She shares her insights and wisdom with such genuineness and vulnerability--and on top of all of that, her artistic talent is amazing. The pages of this book are like a balm to the soul--from the truths written and the art on the pages. This book is for anyone who wants their faith to grow, flourish, thrive. Ruth is so relatable through the pages, it's as if the reader knows her personally! This is a must-buy for yourself, friends, and family!
rosemcchesn 5 months ago
I’m a big fan of Ruth’s work in general, as it marries beautiful art with rich theology. This book is no different. The beauty in the book itself is only scratching the surface. I’m particularly grateful, though, for the beauty found in the every day moments, the ones we typically glance past, but are reminded of them in Ruth’s writing. Passage after passage I read, I have to stop and mull over the power of the words, letting God work on my heart and enrich my faith. Much of our lives is spent in waiting rooms, in-betweens, and mundane moments. Yet we often forget that those moments are just as important as the new beginnings, exciting endings, and rare clarities of our lives. I’m so thankful for Beholding & Becoming, and enjoying studying the rich messages found in its pages. I absolutely recommend this book.
mrsmcg19 5 months ago
I’ve been a fan of Ruth’s work for years, with the way her simple yet beautiful art work makes me draw in my breath and then release it peacefully. Even more, I love her heart for God’s truth, and the simple yet profound ways she reminds me of what cannot be improved upon, God’s words and His work in creation and redemption. I got a little tingly when I first heard about this new book, “Beholding and Becoming”. I just knew this was meant for me in this season. I’m mothering a little one, often feeling like I’m failing more than thriving, investing in my marriage, trying to keep a house and a little homestead from falling apart and dying. I’m working full time, growing another little one in my belly, fearing changes ahead and constantly navigating the swirling opinions of others. This book reminds me to slow down, to gaze upon God’s truth for what it is- my lifeblood, the words of a loving God for ME, the gift of my salvation, and the only thing I should depend upon. I loved how Ruth infused such meaningful and symbolic elements into the art in this book. I didn’t think it could get any better than the first few chapters, but I was so wrong. The second half was somehow even more beautiful than the first! The colors and interesting elements in her paintings will draw your heart out even more to the words on the page, and will help you to slow down and reflect. This book was an easy read, but don’t think for a minute that it’s light in content. There’s nothing fluffy here. Ruth thoughtfully uses quotes both new and old, poetry, hymn lyrics, and difficult examples from daily life to draw out truths your heart may not want to hear, but will echo with certainty. I love the structure of the book, drawing your mind out in a “beholding” chapter, followed by a more practical “becoming” section, providing time-honored wisdom in how to cultivate the truth in your daily life, in any season. Each section left me smiling, pausing, sincerely convicted, and called to action. If the season you’re in could be described as tough, confusing, boring, frustrating, hopeless, busy, overwhelming, or scary, there is so much here for you. Savor it a little or a lot at a time-your heart will not be disappointed.
Marilyn Poynter Skemp 5 months ago
I have been so blessed by Ruth Chou Simons, “Behold and Becoming”, which provides a fresh, Bible centered perspective on worship, through words and beautiful artwork. By looking at God’s creation, our various relationships, and ordinary lives we see and absorb God’s amazing glory and transforming work in our daily lives. I was impacted by the words in this book describing how we see God’s glory and how He transforms us in our daily living. Ruth presents a mindset and perspective that is fresh, clear, and exciting once you understand and see how God is constantly caring for us minute by minute. I will forever walk through His creation with new eyes.
SusanMB 5 months ago
I absolutely love Ruth Chou Simons newest book!! Beholding and Becoming is a work of art, overflowing with Ruth’s soulful, encouraging words and illustrations that capture your heart and soul. Her faith-filled wisdom, stunning artistry, quotes, and use of Biblical stories and verses blend together flawlessly to create a beautiful and engaging experience for the reader. The author bares her soul with honest vulnerability as she shares relatable everyday struggles and sheds the light of Jesus on them. The book is about becoming, and being transformed, by beholding Jesus, living life Christ-centered, and worshiping Him in the amazing and not so amazing details of our everyday lives. I find her lyrical writing to be convicting and soul-awakening. Ruth’s words had a profound effect on me-she opened the floodgates to my weary soul. She gently spoke life to the places in my soul that felt wilted and overgrown. God knew I needed to read the words written on the pages of this amazing book. This is one of my favorite quotes by Ruth Chou Simons in Chapter 13, God’s Mercy When Things Seem Unfair: “His grace causes us to see ourselves truthfully: undeserving of His relentless love and lavish generosity. His great mercy fills the cracks of our unbelief and-when received-allows little room for bitterness and discontentment to spring up.” What a powerful message! I was enthralled by her beautiful artwork, captivated by her writing, and blessed by the powerful truths she shares. Each page, each delicate flower, the colors, and placement within the chapters heightens the reader’s experience. The author’s passion and loving faith are evident in every detail. I will be reading Beholding and Becoming daily, to inspire and lift my spirits by lifting my gaze to God, to draw closer and glorify Him in my everyday details, and to remind me how much I am loved. I loved Beholding and Becoming and I believe everyone that reads it will feel the same. Ruth Chou Simons desire and passion to draw others closer to God, to live and breathe our faith day in and day out is apparent throughout her beautifully written and illustrated book. It’s a gift rich in truths that open your eyes and soul to Jesus’ lavish love. I feel so blessed by having experienced Beholding and Becoming.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Beholding and Becoming is such a beautiful book! From the artwork to the words, I know I will go back to this book again and again. The message of the book, to abide in a Christ and worship in the everyday and mundane, is one that is so relevant in my life as a young mother and really spoke to me. I can see many women loving the artwork and being encouraged by the book. I have already purchased a few copies and plan to give them as Christmas gifts! I love that the book is not all “fluff;” the message has good Gospel truth! It is not too weighty to enjoy as a pleasure read, though! The chapters can be read one a day or several at a time. I often sat down and read many chapters at once! One of my favorite quotes from the book is this: “Friends, what we choose to behold in the midst of tedious tasks and unrelent- ing responsibilities in the day to day, and what we believe about the God who puts us there, determines whether we see the daily reappearance of dirty dishes and unwashed clothes as a purposeful provision or a nuisance. When we look to the God who provides the blessings and the work that accompanies them, today’s tasks become opportunities to praise, to give thanks, and to remember the One we aim to please” (page 38). I encourage you to buy this and make time to read it! It hope it encourages you as much as it did me!
candelmore 5 months ago
Ruth Chou Simons' first book, "Gracelaced," has been a tremendous source of encouragement to me during a difficult time in my life. I was looking forward to reading her new book, "Beholding and Becoming" and was not disappointed. Ruth writes from her life experiences and inspires us with her words and beautiful artwork to keep our eyes on Jesus in the midst of life's storms. To quote Ruth, "The more we behold Him, the more we become like Him and see His purposes in our circumstances." I sincerely hope that others will have the opportunity to read "Beholding and Becoming," and pray that it will encourage their hearts and help them grasp their true identity in Christ.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Simply put Beholding and Becoming is a gorgeous book! I absolutely love how Ruth Chou Simons portrays herself as an image-bearing artist where everything she creates points to the glory of God. Scripture, poetry, quotes and her intricate watercolor paintings are interspersed throughout the book, which make for an easy, peaceful, beauty-filled read. I actually found myself reading a chapter at a time, almost utilizing it as a devotional book as it’s equally full of beauty, her humble testimony and soft nudges to facilitate change. In this current day we are truly missing the art of beholding and this book gently encourages us to slow down, see how God displays His glory through creation, and use our everyday moments to worship Him.