Cycles of Norse Mythology: Tales of the Æsir Gods

Cycles of Norse Mythology: Tales of the Æsir Gods

by Glenn Searfoss

Hardcover(Collector's Special Hardback ed.)

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Cycles of Norse Mythology: Tales of the Æsir Gods 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Literary_Titan 3 months ago
There are many stories about the Norse realm. Only a few are common and easily accessible. Glenn Searfoss gives readers access to more than just the common ones. The reader gets more dimensions with regards to the characters in the fictional universe. This book is a rewrite of the stories on Norse mythology with a fresh voice and packed with exciting tid bits. The book offers a revamped look at all the suffering, victories and battles of the characters in Norse mythology accompanied by a glossary for a better reading experience. This may be a rewritten version but it sure does not feel like one. The author has such a talent with words and phrases. The stories read like a symphony. With a captivating melody that makes the reader inch closer with every sentence they consume. It leaves the reader feeling like they are floating through a universe with endless possibilities with all their favorite heroes and characters. The author packs all the action and adventure possible into this book with ease. One thing that the reader will note from the very beginning is the depth of research that has gone into this book. It is uncanny how one person can have such a mastery of the Norse universe, characters and everything in between. It is a sign of obvious passion and curiosity about the subject matter. The author’s understanding is the basis for their unique and original voice. This is actually quite infectious. For a person who is not a fan of mythologies, these stories will sure make them into definite enthusiasts. If you have encountered characters like Thor and Odin, this book will make you fall even deeper in love with these characters and many more just like them. The author has carefully sculpted each character to have a unique element while also maintaining their original and beloved qualities. To take characters that have already been established and to give them a fresh coat of personality but still managing to keep their usual façade takes pure brilliance. The voice of the author that comes through their retelling is provocative and fulfilling. The stories themselves are evocative and exciting. The imagery is borne of sheer talent and brave application of language. Any lover of mythology, regardless of age, and related fictional works will surely enjoy Cycles of Norse Mythology.
ReadersFavorite3 6 months ago
Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite Transporting, exciting, and utterly entertaining, Cycles of Norse Mythology: Tales of the Æsir Gods by Glenn Searfoss plunges the reader into the world of mythology and puts them into the company of powerful characters, gods, and heroes. The narrative features relevant themes, including creation, the conflict between gods and men, and the centrality of war in the affairs of men, the place of the sacred in the economy of life, and a lot more. The stories are unique, each standing out in style and plot, but with a culture and a belief system that permeates the entire collection. These stories are divided into different Cycles, including the Prophecy with hints of the myth of creation, the Victory of Gods (with divine characters like Thor, Geri and Freki, Ender, Baldur and Hodd, Ivalde, Loki, and many others), Battle with the Gods, and others. The first thing that struck me as I started reading this book is the author’s unique phraseology, the suggestion of a time and setting that is uncommon to modern man. The lyricism in the writing creates a unique beauty in the narrative. The imagery is strong, and it creates vivid images in the minds of readers, like the whirls of drifting snow scattered before driving hooves as horse and rider scrambled along crests of desolate ridges “where screaming winds trailed the rumble of collapsing cornices of snow. The ghosts of what will be, haunted the air as the pair crashed their way through the white drifts, straining for each length, while the rider’s breath puffed a stream of soft curses…” The beauty of the prose, the elegance of style, and the seduction in the narrative voice; powerful elements that make readers feel as though these stories were taking place inside their souls. Glenn Searfoss takes readers to a mythical place and leaves them at the end feeling as though they awoke from beautiful dreams.
ReadersFavorite2 6 months ago
Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite Cycles of Norse Mythology: Tales of the Aesir Gods is a work of rewritten fiction based on classic works, and was penned by author Glenn Searfoss. Working from sagas like the traditional poetic and prose Eddas of Norse mythology, Searfoss has created a new retelling of six key cycles of storylines to suit readers from young adult age upwards, and to bring a modern relevance and sensibility to the tales. Included in this extensive work are cycles focusing on Prophesy, The Victory Gods, The Sword of Vengeance, Premonitions, Ragnarok and Of Gods and Men. Popular heroes such as Thor, Odin and Baldur are heavily featured, as are the contracts they make with other lands, their battles, and their sufferings. Also provided is a helpful glossary of terms to keep the understanding going, as well as a guide to reading more on the fully complex mythos for readers who enjoy this retelling. Author Glenn Searfoss has provided a loving recollection of the Norse mythology tales in a very compelling and engaging style for readers of all ages. The violence of the world of the gods is brought about with dynamic phrasing that isn’t lost in the old, passive style but brought forward lyrically to show it off for all its action and adventure. There is tenderness too, and well-chosen lexis which characterizes both heroes and villains, humanizing them during their moments of success and failure. Though the grammatical style continues to translate and refer to the original stories (of which there are over one hundred, impressively tackled), the simplicity of the text and the removal of many strange conventions of the Eddas allows for easy translation here. As a primer for readers looking to take in all the stories with ease, you should look no further than Cycles of Norse Mythology. A highly recommended read for mythology fans all around.
ReadersFavorite1 6 months ago
Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite I grew up reading books about Greek mythology. My mother was a librarian and so those books were more available for me than they were for a kid who would have had to buy them. I loved Greek mythology. I still do. But in recent years I have found myself liking and respecting the Norse gods more than their Mediterranean brothers. That feeling became a confirmed fact after reading Cycles of Norse Mythology: Tales of the Aesir Gods by Glenn Searfoss. The Norse gods are much more interesting than the Greek gods in my opinion, but their stories are a lot harder to find. My first contact with Norse mythology was The Mighty Thor comic book published by Marvel Comics. That is a great place to start but Glenn Searfoss has taken me to a whole new level with Cycles of Norse Mythology. What I like about Cycles of Norse Mythology most is that it is well-written and well-researched. I knew more about Norse mythology than the average reader when I sat down to read this book, but to my surprise and delight, there were stories here that I had no idea existed. That was a big plus for me. Then there is all the extra information and lore about the gods, their children and everything else in the Norse realm. This book is a treasure trove, and Glenn Searfoss deserves a seat in Valhalla next to Odin himself for putting together this magnificent book. I loved it and I’m sure many of you will too.