Ghostbusters: Answer the Call

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call

Director: Paul Feig Cast: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon

DVD (Wide Screen)

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Ghostbusters: Answer the Call 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When I watched the original as a kid I had trouble finding it funny. Jokes seemed either funny or uncomfortable, and I hadno one to really look up to considering that both women in the film - only two women of any importance in THE ENTIRE MOVIE - were shallow characters at best. And then I saw this reboot. The dialogue is snappy and fantastically written, and performed by a cast so perfect for their roles one could not imagine them as anyone else. It is similar enough to the first film to bring back nostalgia, but thankfully improves on some of the earlier movies faults. IT IS SO BEAUTIFULLY DONE. The female characters are fleshed out and complex, flipping the stereotype on it's head. The provides a welcome break from so many male-dominated franchises, and, as the male characters echo their female counterparts from the first film, they point out how awkward some of the situations in the first movie were. I will say that the ending was a bit trite. It didn't need to be quite that saccharin, but it was still fantastic. I hope they'll be making a sequel. I'd love to see more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When the preview came out, this looked like another P.O.S. remake. I would have ignored it entirely, but the controversy made that impossible. I finally saw it, when a rental discount let me get it for free. I just wanted to know if it could be as terrible as people said it is. My answer is that this isn't the worst movie ever, but it's horrible for many reasons. 1st) Sony attacked everyone who was appalled by the preview. That's the point of a preview. For viewers to get a taste of the movie, and judge if it looks good. 2nd) The online tweets utilized Hillary's slogan "Glass Ceiling" Then later endorsed Hillary directly. This movie pushed social and political issues and hijacked the "Ghost Busters" Title to do it. 3rd) The guest appearances of The Real Ghost Busters, had them playing characters that were opposing this cast. They played men ridiculing and obstructing this team. 4th) This team caught their first ghost, and then let it go. 5th) Rowan North was behind all the trouble. The world was endangered: Not by an ancient being, demonic power, or by a cult. But by a pathetic, little, man. 6th) Rowan fried himself with his own machine. First these women called themselves ghostbusters. Second it's revealed Rowan based his machine on their early research. Despite both of those, none of the team realized Rowan died specifically to become a powerful ghost?! 7th) It's shown that one of Rowan's ghostly powers was the ability to control living humans. Yet when the team arrived, he let them fight. Why didn't Rowan just control them, the same way he did everyone else?! 8th) The Ghostbusters logo was the giant form Rowan used to attack the city. This had the emblem of the Gostbusters trying to destroy the world. Also, how this team stopped Rowan was by shooting that emblem right between the legs. So: This movie was made to push a political and social agenda. Sony attacked anyone who criticized it. It was barely funny. It had a pathetic story. And, It literally shot the Ghostbusters Franchise in the Balls.