Everything Is F*cked: A Book about Hope

Everything Is F*cked: A Book about Hope

by Mark Manson

Paperback(Large Print)

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Everything Is F*cked: A Book About Hope 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous 11 days ago
This is another excellent book by this excellent author! I definitely recommend this one. It's well written and definitely worth it.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This book takes a complicated and expansive subject , the human condition , and In simple language., explains how to have hope by letting go of hope
Anonymous 3 months ago
this author has definitely studied philosophy and it shows. I felt that it was a bit wordy but he was trying to make it understandible. Some interesting points made.
Anonymous 9 months ago
If you enjoyed The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck, then you should enjoy this one just as much if not more. He taught us that we should be mindful of what we care about in The Subtle Art, and now, in Everything is F*cked, Mark clarifies how to form healthy values that make our lives meaningful. This book is so undoubtedly important to read right now because of the problems of our world today as well as in the near future and more importantly, our unhelpful perceptions of them. EiF greatly assists the reader in self awareness, acceptance, and ongoing improvement. Personally I really enjoyed this book, as well as the of his articles that I have read. Mark Manson himself reads a ton of philosophically dense books and translates their themes into a language that anyone can understand and get a good laugh out of. I loved the piece about Isaac Newton and human psychology. It was a perfect blend. The part about what Democracy requires in order to be successful, or mess up less than necessary, was incredibly inspiring. Reading Everything is F*cked has helped me think more maturely about problems and values in life. By no exaggeration, I immensely appreciate Mark Manson for the work that he creates.
adrienne_o 9 months ago
Don't let the language fool you. This is a very intellectual and well-researched book. It's just for intellectuals who don't care to be pretentious. I personally love Mark's language, even though my mom would hate it on principle. This book is incredibly broad and is obviously one of those "once in ten years" sort of books. It's a prodigious effort. It pulls together wide-ranging research in psychology, philosophy, history, human behavior, and more and synthesizes it all into such a cohesive package that it helped me figure out my life. I know that sounds hyperbolic, but it's not, at least for me, for right now. Lately, I have more free time than I'm used to, because I achieved some goals. But I found that instead of automatically being happy, I was exactly the opposite - looking into the void, depressed, feeling like nothing mattered at all (or, on other days, like everything mattered and I didn't know where to begin). This book, as well as Mark's first book and his blogs, helped me ask the right questions of myself. A couple weeks of some serious digging in with his writings, and I had recognized that my personal values have changed since my 20's, and I rebuilt new meaning out of a new set of values and priorities. I was so re-energized when I put it all back together that I did a 9-mile trail run (twice my normal distance) and didn't even feel tired or sore afterward. Thanks, Mark!
Anonymous 5 months ago
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