Finale (B&N Exclusive Edition) (Caraval Series #3)

Finale (B&N Exclusive Edition) (Caraval Series #3)

by Stephanie Garber

Hardcover(B&N Exclusive Edition)

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Finale (Caraval Series #3) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
Anonymous 4 days ago
These will hopefully turn into great movies as well!
kozbisa 11 days ago
Having loved the first two books in the series, I was very excited to dive into Finale to see how the aftermath of Legendary was resolved. A satisfying conclusion to the Caraval series, Finale is filled with magic, romance, and more! While Caraval follows Scarlet's adventures through Caraval and Legendary follows Tella's journey through the next festival, Finale follows both heroines and their adventures to defeat the Fates. One of the things I really loved about Legendary was how the history of Caraval was explored, folding in the mythology of the Fates. Finale continues to flesh out this mythology, diving deeper into each of those archetypes. Finale was filled with so many twists and turns. Every time I thought I knew what was going on, there was a huge revelation that changed everything. My only complaint would be that while I enjoyed everything that happened in the book, I wish it had been given a little more space to breathe. Overall, Finale is filled with gloriously swoon-worthy romance, deeply enticing mystery, and darkly enticing magic, leaving the reader on the edge of their seat, constantly guessing, and enraptured from beginning to end.
Take_Me_AwayPH 20 days ago
This series has gone a completely different direction than what I expected it to. I'm not saying that's bad and I'm not saying that's good. The series as a whole was good and I'm excited to see what else Garber has in store. Caraval is over and the Fates are still free. Legend is preparing for his coronation, but not everyone is ready or excited for this to happen... Scarlett is finding a different game to play this time around and Tella is still making her own rules. But of course, nothing goes according to plan. It never does. Although I liked this one, I did feel like it was a bit long. It seemed like there was only what was mentioned in the synopsis and y'all know how I am about that. And it just seemed like even though it was going through exactly what was in the synopsis, it was still really long. I really felt like I was reading it forever. I did like finally figuring all the characters out. I had so many questions about Legend and Julian and they were all answered. I loved that she answered all questions and didn't leave any secrets about any of the characters unanswered. It was definitely a plus to have chapters from everyone's POVs. And I hate to say it, but I loved seeing all the turmoil that they all went through too. I wanted more for some others, but in the end I was satisfied with what happened to each person. It's not something I can say with all series enders. This series wasn't what I was expecting it to be and I think that's what I liked most and least about it. I was surprised by the Fates and their roles in the second book, but I really wished this one had been more Caraval and less Legendary if that makes sense. The game was what intrigued me about this series and taking it out made it just ok for me. *dodges tomatoes* I know others won't agree with that, but its how I felt mostly while reading it. The mythology kept it interesting, but the game was what originally kept me glued to the pages. I remember wanting to grab Caraval when I first heard about it at BEA 3 years ago. Fast forward to now and I still have the same excitement for the series as I once did. Although it didn't go as I thought it would, it was still an enjoyable series and I'm glad I was part of the hype for it.
Anonymous 21 days ago
Anonymous 27 days ago
1.5 Stars This book was a hot mess. To be fair, I did not really enjoy the first book of the series. I gave it a solid two stars. It was okay, but had major flaws. The second book was three stars for me. It was a good reading experience and greatly improved from the first book. This final installment... a complete and total mess. Here are my main issues. #1 There was great potential for the fates. The second book set up for an amazing plot. But that's largely ignored in this book in favor of running around after TWO love triangles. #2 Granted, Scarlet's is pointless and never should have been included. Thankfully it wrapped up quickly, but it was still a distraction and served only as page filler. There was no tension there. We all saw through it. #3 Now Tella's love triangle? That was pretty much the entire story. The book focused far too much on who Tella was kissing or sharing blood with instead of saving Scarlet and the entire city from the fates. #4 Legend didn't shine in this book, either. No one did. Even Tella (a much stronger character than Scarlet) was largely useless. #5 Rescuing Paloma turned out to be 100% pointless. Not satisfying at all. #6 Too many new characters were introduced with no true development. Even Nicholas and Paloma and "essential" characters felt like an extra in this book. #7 That ending. W. T. F. (SPOILERS FOR THE REST OF THIS PARAGRAPH) .............. Scarlet on the throne? Scarlet as empress? That undoes everything that Legend worked for as Dante. Plus, Dante was still alive, so the throne would have gone back to him. I get the whole "what if Elentine was Paloma's mother" shtick, but it doesn't mean Scarlet would be accepted on the throne. She even says the people didn't like her after the discovery that she was half fate. This doesn't seem like something that fits her character or Julian's as her fiance by the end of the book. Yeah. This had potential, but it missed that potential on nearly every mark. I wouldn't recommend this series to anyone above junior high now. It wasn't terrible as a series, but it was a huge disappointment over all.
BeckyRendon 30 days ago
I guess it's weird that I'm both smiling and have tears forming in my eyes. Happy tears of course and yet sad at the same time. Caraval opened up a new world filled with intrigue, adventure, deception, and hope. I was smitten before I got my invitation. The idea of Legend and his performers was like opening up a present as a child. So much potential, so many possibilities, and all just for me! Legendary brought a while new set of emotions. Love, longing, and betrayal as well as the mystery and adventure. I found myself addicted to the illusions and the wonder in every page. Stephanie Garber has a wonderful imagination and an enchanted way with words. But Finale.... Oh Finale is a breath stealing, heart clenching ride of ache and more illusions than ever before. Nothing is as it seems and yet I couldn't be more in love with these characters and this world. Maybe being older gives me a better appreciation for the wondrous things, the dating adventures, and the epic emotions... or maybe I'm just a big kid at heart. Regardless, Stephanie Garber has given me an adventure I will cherish and share. Finale is the end of this adventure but I'm hoping it's just the beginning of many more! Finishing Finale has made me far more nostalgic for Scarlett, Tella, Julian, and Legend than I'd like to admit. I can't wait to snag the audiobooks to share them with my kids.
Hilzie 30 days ago
Finale... Maybe, with Tella and Scarlett, who knows what adventures could await in the future. As for the book, it was full of twists, back-stabbing, and intrigues, just what I would expect with these characters The Fates, Julian, Tella, etc). Just when you think love will win out, Ms. Garber changes the game and a plot twist ensues. She writes characters you can't help but feel for, whether it's frustration, love, anger, or helplessness. She gets you into the story and the characters emotional loves, sometimes so much to want to reach into the book and slap someone. Though the story feels long, it does flow quickly and by the end you'll wish there was more. I kind of hope there are more adventure for Legend and Tella **I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.**
Bookyogi 3 months ago
I have many feelings about this book, many many. I may come back and edit this review once some time has past but I think the best compliment I can give to the author is that I want to go back and reread Caraval to remember everything again. Stephanie Garber has a way of creating worlds that couldn’t possibly exist but that we can imagine must because she writes them so real. I eagerly away her next imaginings.
thereadingchick 3 months ago
Finale is a story about the meaning of love and how that meaning changes for each of the characters in this story. Tella’s love for Legend is tested by her confusing feelings for Jacks and Scarlett’s love for Julian is never wavering but her definition of love changes when she uncovers some truths about her past. Both of their journeys are tested but eventually love conquers all, and in this novel you can’t take that statement literally. Stephanie Garber continues with the beautiful prose from the first two novels. Each word is imbued with ribbons of color which seems appropriate to the theme of love that runs through this story. At times though her lyrical style seems to distract rather than draw attention to, and I’ll admit my mind wandered a bit. I found myself scanning back through the pages wondering what had happened since I last tuned in. I still enjoyed the story, but it took a really long time for it to reach a conclusion. Tella and Legend continued their tale of unrequited love. If an immortal feels the emotions of love it turns them human and Legend fights his fears through most of their storyline. I found Jacks’ emotions the more interesting of the two men, since he gave into his obsession and seemed to turn Tella’s head with his feelings, even though those feelings were rather unhealthy. Scarlett’s story with Julian remained unchanged, however her character grew a lot more than Tella’s did in this conclusion. She learned a lot about why she could see the color of other people’s emotions and how she dealt with that knowledge uncovered strengths that she previously hadn’t really shown. I cared a lot more for the resolution of her story than I did for her sister’s which seemed a lot more shallow a tale. Finale was my least favorite book in the series, but part of that was that the newness had dulled slightly. Some new characters (the Fates) were introduced and time was spent allowing us to get to know a few of these characters so that it helped build more of an impact to the conclusion of the story. The end felt a little too pat for all of that prior build up, but I did feel like I got the conclusion that I wanted for these characters and I was left feeling pretty satisfied. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anonymous 3 months ago
This final installment of the Caraval series will have your students waiting in line for a chance to read it. We return to the world of Caraval, but we are now fighting the Fates in the most dangerous game we've seen yet. As in the previous books, I loved the relationship between Tella and Scarlett--I am a sucker for a good sister relationship, and this one fits the bill. The two characters' arcs are finally reaching fruition in this novel, and they are seeing what they mean to each other and understanding what others mean to them. They both explore throughout the novel what they are willing to sacrifice and save in their relationships both familial and romantic, and while they stumble from time to time they ultimately make decisions that allow them to remain true to themselves and to the characters that have been constructed over the course of the trilogy. As always, the worldbuilding is fantastic and fantastical, threaded through with magic and mayhem. The settings are enchanted and enchanting, with beautiful descriptions and interesting side characters. Your students who love fantasies will feel right at home in this book. It's effervescent without feeling frivolous, and it has moments of darkness without feeling hopeless. Students will find this a satisfying ending to a creative and original trilogy. I was permitted to read an ARC of this book on NetGalley and this review is my honest opinion.
Jdp15 3 months ago
I loved this book and this series so much!!! It was a very easy read too
Anonymous 3 months ago
I just wish there were more books in the series.
kellsmae14 3 months ago
I can honestly say that this is one of the best “final” books in a series that I have ever read. Stephanie Garber is an expert at weaving together details and story lines. She has you wondering at every turn, and it was nearly impossible to guess what may happen next or how a certain event would turn out. The character development in this book (and the previous books as well) is complex and relatable. I personally find Tella extremely relatable as a young adult heroine...and she’s just plain fun to read about! The relationships between characters are flawless. The only possible criticism I can think of is that the book ended somewhat abruptly. We had built up all of the background details to come to the apex of the story, and then the author simply tied up all of the loose ends very tidily and quickly. I would have liked the ending to be a bit more drawn out with more detail. All in all, I would recommend this trilogy to all. I will definitely be taking the time to read it again for more detail that I may have missed the first time!
Brooke_Lorren 3 months ago
Finale by Stephanie Garber was such an amazing book! The heart on the cover? That's exactly how I feel about it. It had the perfect true ending and was... you just have to read it. This is the third book in the series, so there are spoilers for the first two books here. You've been warned. When we last left the story with Legendary, Tella had discovered that Dante was actually Legend, and she felt that she had feelings for him, but he left and broke her heart. Now, he's coming into her dreams, and her mother, released from the Deck of Destiny, is now in a deep sleep. Tella's love for her mother is strong. Scarlett has decided that she wanted to get to know Nicholas and give him a chance, even though she has feelings for Julian. She hasn't seen him for a while. Maybe his feelings for her weren't real? She's trying to get over him. Both of their worlds are upended when the Fates start waking up and Tella witnesses something horrible, committed by the terrible Fate Gavriel. First, they have to find out Gavriel's weakness, but even after they figure it out, they have to figure out how to exploit it so they can stop him. We also learn more secrets. There are secrets about Legend AND Scarlett to be learned. All of this excitement, including a love triangle or two (that I thought was well done) occurs amidst a sea of shimmering prose like "The cabin looked as warm as a handwritten love letter." and "He looked like a wish that had just woken up." (These were taken from the Advanced Reader's Copy and could change in the Finale edition). The writing is gorgeous and kept me reading. There were several powerful lines, and I was in tears at a couple of points. The most powerful line to me was "I forgive you." Oh, and the last two sentences of chapter 59? So many feels. I loved the ending too! There wasn't another Caraval in this book, but it was still full of magic. You definitely want to read this one.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I loved Finale so much! It was a beautiful way to close the Caraval series and I definitely enjoyed Donatella's and Scarlett's points of view within the story. I think Finale was a wonderful conclusion to the story of the two Dragna sisters. I'm pretty satisfied with how everything turned out in the story!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Anonymous 3 months ago
Anonymous 3 months ago
Anonymous 3 months ago
What a Finale! Stephanie Garber did an amazing job of luring the reader into this world and then making them fall head over heels for it. It's truly a captivating tale of impossible choices and an unthinkable sacrifice.
SWerbelo 3 months ago
Such a great story and an interesting end to the series! You get to learn more about some characters, the story itself is just as interesting as the others, the world is fantastic, the relationships wonderful and the pace was perfect! I found myself hoping that Stephanie writes more about this world! Interesting note, my exclusive copy came printed upside down....seems fitting!
BarkingAboutBooks02 3 months ago
Wow, what can I say other than this was the perfect Finale for this series. In less than a chapter, I was sucked back into the magical world of Caraval. With the magic, adventure and of course the amazing characters. This book is written in both Scarlet and Tella’s point of view, which made my heart happy. Stephanie Garber has a magical way of writing that makes the characters and the experiences feel life-like. I was worried this book would feel forced or rushed, but neither was true. It actually lived up the hype. It will be one of the best books of the year. I’m heartbroken that the series is over but this book was everything I hoped for and more. I received a review copy of this ebook from Flatiron Books and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
Ireadergosum 4 months ago
I love this series so much. The magic and darkness are mesmerizing. I fell in love with Scarlett in the first book! I was so invested in her and Julian, but that second book left me so unresolved. Luckily, the second book brought me Tella, Dante, and Legend, which was a crazy amazing story line. Now we get book three and we can find out what happens to them all! I love that the characters are messy and struggling with difficult choices throughout the Caraval. The world Stephanie has built is so magical and unlike anything else I've ever read. Each small facet adds to this spellbinding story. The twists and turns will keep you enthralled to the last second. I don't want to spoil anything, so I would recommend that you read this whole series ASAP! Thank you to Flatiron Books and NetGalley for the eARC in exchange for an honest review!
ScrapNSign 4 months ago
A stunning trilogy that will leave you breathless! Finale was definitely my favorite book in the series, but I'm sad it's over. This story weaves such an enchanting tale that has you mesmerized with it's magic. I won't give any spoilers, but I can't wait to do a re-read and dive into the world all over again.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Finale. I have been dying of anticipation over this book for ages, so I had built up quite a few expectations.... and Finale blew them out of the water! In this conclusion to the Caraval series, it's been two months since the last Caraval games ended. Scarlett and Tella are still living in Valenda (although not in the palace), Legend has claimed the throne, and Paradise still has not awoken... although the Fates are certainly doing so. The girls' lives and the empire itself are falling further into turmoil as Fates awaken and wreak havoc, love and loyalty are tested, secrets are revealed, and an impossible enemy arises, who Scarlett may be the only one with the ability to defeat... at the risk of losing herself entirely. This book was MORE than worth the wait! As I said, it blew all of my expectations out of the water with a fast-paced roller coaster of events and emotions, and man was it intense! The story was beautifully written, as I've come to expect from the author, and held me tight in its grip from start to finish. There were several plot twists that I never could have seen coming, which made it all the better... you certainly won't be bored! My only complaint was that I wish it had been even longer, I'm still starving for more of Tella and Scarlett, and of course Legend and Julian! I absolutely adored Finale and I highly, highly recommend it. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the advance copy, in exchange for my honest review.
marongm8 4 months ago
I was excited to see this installment of the Caravale series and when it said that it was the final book of the series, I knew Stephanie Garber saved the best for last and she most sure did not disappoint. Just when things were happening as expected, the book takes a whole new turn that nobody saw coming. When reading the series, I could not stop thinking that this book is a cross between Hercules with the fates and Alice in Wonderland with the deck of cards and the empires of caravale. Each chapter just got better and better and I could not wait to read on. A spectacular ending to a powerful series. We will consider adding this title with the rest of the series in our YFantasy collection at the library. That is why we give this book 5 stars.