How To Train Your Dragon: Paperback Gift Set 2

How To Train Your Dragon: Paperback Gift Set 2

by Cressida Cowell



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How To Train Your Dragon: Paperback Gift Set 2 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
krbrown2000 More than 1 year ago
My son is 7, so he didn't read these by himself, though he is an excellent reader. With these books, we started with book one (there are 11, though the description above doesn't say so), and reading a chapter or two every night, we're now almost done with book 11.  I want to point out that the "How to Train Your Dragon" books are almost nothing like the two popular movies that were based on the books. Hiccup (the main character) is similar, but the dragon Toothless is completely different, and the best friend Fishlegs, and Hiccup's father Stoic, are different. At first we were disappointed in that, but after we got into the books and the characters, we really enjoyed them. The main difference (besides Toothless) is pretty major. In the books, Hiccup doesn't figure out how to train dragons--it's something the people of Berk have always done. But once you get past those differences and just get into the story, they are very enjoyable. The books are well written and very intense (sometimes I worried they were a smidge too intense for my 7 year old, but he loved them). The author weaves the storyline artfully throughout the 11 books, with a few footnote reminders about what happened in earlier books. As we're winding down on book 11, all three of us are wondering what in the world we're going to follow it up with! Family reading time is great, if you haven't tried it. I do the reading, while my son and husband listen, and we are usually joined by our two cats and sometimes our dog.
LiesPies More than 1 year ago