by Gail Gibbons


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Ladybugs 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ydraughon on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
In the kid-friendly style book Ladybugs, renowned children¿s author, Gail Gibbons introduces children to the beetles; where they live, their life cycles, and much more (Holiday House Inc.2012). The 32 page book is written in age appropriate language for Pre School to 2nd grade and illustrated with colorful, labeled drawings. In the beginning of the book, Gibbons provides a detailed labeled illustration of the ladybug and its body parts. She provides colorful drawings of different types of ladybugs as well as a map of where ladybugs live. The book dedicated 12 pages to the life cycle of a ladybug starting with when they mate and lay eggs to their first flight as an adult. Gibbons provides other interesting facts about how ladybugs defend themselves from predators, protect themselves from the environment, and help gardeners and farmers from plant-damaging insects. The illustrations are enticing to young students and the text is easy to read and understand. The book is filled with interesting facts that are easy to understand. The maps, diagrams, and inserts are helpful in creating a better understanding of the topic. This book could be used to demonstrate graphic aids such as maps, diagrams, and inserts. The book could be used to do research on an animal for a writing a research report. It could also be used to compare and contrast ladybugs to other beetles. Timelines could be made of the ladybug life cycle. ELA teachers can use the book to show how to write a nonfiction book. It could also be use along with other Gail Gibbons books for an author study.