The Maltese Mummy (Chicagoland Detective Agency Series #2)

The Maltese Mummy (Chicagoland Detective Agency Series #2)


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Maltese Mummy 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
GRgenius on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Book two of this series and all I can say is...I hope you're having as much fun with it as I am. Seriously! It's a graphic novel with a LOT of story to spare and characters you can't help but enjoy. Megan with her high spirited, haiku writing nature. If light were given a personality and spunk to boot, she'd be it. Raf, her best friend who's pretty much sick in bed through this adventure...but it doesn't mean that he can't help out and leave his mark on the story as well. Then we have their pal Bradley. Who's he? Oh...just a talking dog that they saved in book one...nothing strange or anything. Did I mention that he narrates the story at times in classic Bogart style? Yep...sure does. Adds a little something extra to it and keeps it fun. The rest of the cast is a rather mixed bag that will keep you guessing. Let's see you have a little evil, some ancient curses, secret identities...yep, "mixed" works well here.As for the story itself, it turns out to be a "kid" version of the classic book The Maltese Falcon. Now that's not to say that adult readers wouldn't enjoy it but I mean how often do we get to see serious threads of a classic worked into a graphic novel.....successfully? Coming from a non-graphic novel enthusiast...that's saying something too. In my opinion, this wonderful middle grade work will not only entertain readers of today, but will also garner interest in the "original" story for additional reading options. There's never a bad time to revisit the classics!By book's end, the baddies are uncovered and the case is laid to rest (hehe...small pun there...), leaving readers satisfied for now yet ready for more. No worries three, Night of the Living Dogs, is on the horizon. -- adds to wish list -- In short, a pictorially on point book with a story that moves things along at a rapid pace which asks readers to uncover the mystery along the way...if you can. It's a brief adventure fit for readers young and old, girls and boys, animal and mineral (okay, so maybe not mineral) but one certainly worth taking.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Raf Hernandez and "doggy Einstein," Bradley were gaming on the Raf-box when Megan Yamamura walked in chattering about her invitation to a press conference. There hadn't been much business (none actually) at the Chicagoland Detective Agency and so Raf, "the prince of nerds," was busy designing video games. Megan was excited because she was going to the conference to see Sun D'Arc, an awesome singer, and she had an extra ticket to offer Raf, her one and only friend. Raf suddenly came down with the flu and Megan decided to invite William Johnson instead. When they arrived, Megan pushed through the crowd with William and snagged a couple of saved seats. When Sun D'Arc and his manager, Vora Schak, came out the questions began to fly from all directions, but Vora quickly told them to all "SHADUP." They were only going to pick one reporter to ask questions and that was none other than . . . William! Megan quickly got in their good graces and was able to get them agree to let her go along. Megan began to pop some questions, but was put on ignore. "Sun, about the rumors that your father is a wizard--" Mysteriously, he was only interested in William and asked if he'd try on his frock coat, a coat that turned out to be a "perfect fit." Vora quickly clapped his hands and showed them to the door. Once outside Megan put her ear to the door and listened as they talked about William. "The boy is exactly the right size, shape, everything! I feel the blood of my homeland flowing through his veins!" Back on the home front Raf and Bradley had discovered Ra-Hotep, a mummy at the Art Institute, was missing his amulet. The sudden disappearance of William deepened the mystery. Were they somehow connected? It looked like there was going to be a case for the Chicagoland Detective Agency to solve! Megan, Raf, and "doggy Einstein," Bradley, once again join forces to solve a freaky mystery. This book is drawn in black and white, the typical manga format, one that I find quite appealing. This is the second in the "Chicagoland Detective Agency Series," a quirky mystery that won't disappoint the young reader. This mystery highlights Megan Yamamura who is wowed by Sun D'Arc a teen singing idol, who turned out to be a lot weirder than she ever expected. Of course the Chicagoland Detective Agency claims that there is "no case too weird" for them to tackle and this mystery certainly fits the bill. Both the author and the illustrator are Eisner Award nominees and are packing a punch with this series. Next up in line is case #3, "Night of the Living Dogs."