My Ex-Best Friend's Wedding

My Ex-Best Friend's Wedding

by Wendy Wax

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My Ex-Best Friend's Wedding 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous 19 days ago
macjam47 21 days ago
Have you ever read a book that captivated you word for word? Have you read a book with characters so vividly portrayed, you felt you knew them intimately? No?  Then you haven’t read Wendy Wax’s MY EX-BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING. Best-selling author, Lauren, and an aspiring author and bookstore owner, Bree, have a long history of conflict.  Kendra, Lauren’s mother and Bree’s surrogate mother, is the perfect mother, until she isn’t.  Supporting characters, Jake, who Kendra left at the altar; Clay, who is the less than perfect husband to Bree; and Lily, Bree and Clay’s daughter who becomes the rebellious teen and then shows her moxie when things get out of control, enter the scene and have issues of their own.   The author does what seems impossible and seamlessly weaves the characters and their problems into a book filled with love, anger, jealousy, concern, friendship, and reconciliation.  The story of each person interlinks with the others flawlessly and all come together to a satisfying conclusion. I enjoyed this book from cover to cover.  I could not put it down and, though it was somewhat lengthy, I read it in one day. The outcome satisfied me, but I felt sad for the book to end. I cannot praise MY EX-BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING by Wendy Wax highly enough.   
VivMPReads 23 days ago
My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding is the very first book I’ve ever read by Wendy Wax. I found this novel to be about family, romance, forgiveness, unconditional love, and a family wedding gown (known as THE DRESS) that’s been passed down from generation-to-generation. The story is very easy-reading and heartwarming. I just picked it up and was only on Chapter Two when I received a private message from a woman in one of the book clubs we belong to. We didn’t know each other, but she asked what I thought about the book. I was honest and told her I’m only in the very beginning and that I’d let her know. We kept reading and checking in with each other to see what the other thought. At first, we found the story to be a little slow, but we stayed with it. Then all of a sudden it takes off and it gets extremely good - I mean unputdownable good - and we were both pleasantly surprised. I don’t know about my friend, but being the emotional person that I am, I cried twice. If you enjoy reading about people making mistakes, second chances, bonds that are strong and love that never dies, then this novel is for you. To use my friend’s words, “I love how a life changing moment can bring people together.” This novel brought about a new friendship, and we vowed to read another book together. How priceless is that? I truly believe that alone make this book worth 5 stars.
leslielb 4 months ago
Wow! Couldn't put this one down! So much going on, sometimes that annoys me, but not here. I loved the characters, setting, just everything. I thought the secret she was hiding would be different, but the real secret was better. I'm not into spoilers, so I'll close this with my recommendation to read this awesome book when it comes out.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Great read!
LEH0644 5 months ago
What a wonderful book! I loved it and highly recommend it. Best friends Lauren and Bree have let a grudge go on too long and need to let it go but are unsure how to do this. They grew up as almost-sisters and planned to go to New York and become writers but Bree backed out at the last minutes. She was afraid of the unknown city but Lauren felt betrayed. Lauren’s mother Kendra has kept a secret from her daughter for forty years and it is about to come out. When Lauren learns the truth about her father, how will she feel toward her mother? Thank you Goodreads for sending me an ARC.
CharlotteLynnsReviews 5 months ago
Best friends who have a falling out when one continues to live her dreams and one stays behind. They lose touch, they think the other has it all, and then they find out the truth about what happens when they parted ways. Circumstances bring them back together and they start to open up to each other, learn about their past and current lives, and open their hearts to what they each lost when they stopped being friends. Bree and Lauren are high school graduates when they part and now as adults, they are brought back together in a time of their lives when they are both fighting to keep their happiness. It only makes sense that they lean on each other, reconnect, and help each other out in this time of upheaval and drama. I loved watching them walk carefully around each other, seeing the figure out if the other is willing to accept their apology, and if they would be able to accept the apology. My Ex-Best Friends Wedding is a wonderful story about the power of female friendship, family, and forgiveness. Wendy Wax has written an amazing story with powerful messages, friendships, and family.
PNWBookworm 5 months ago
I really enjoyed this book and I know it will be make a fabulous vacation read for this summer! I loved how different Lauren and Bree were but knew each other so well that those difference didn’t matter. I also really enjoyed the relationships in the book and how things developed. I did want the dress to play a little bit of a bigger role. It was there and it had a role, but I wanted more of its history. Or maybe I wanted it to have a slightly more magical aspect. Either way though this was a great read about family, the friends who become family and the struggles to keep our families together. I loved it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun beach read!
KrisAnderson_TAR 6 months ago
My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding is about forgiveness, friendship and family. I thought the story was easy to read with realistic characters and situations. I enjoyed Wendy Wax’s beautiful descriptions of the Outer Banks which brought this rugged coastline alive for me. I like the idea of a wedding dress that is worn by generations of women. It may be altered, but it never loses that special fairytale quality. Wendy Wax has a conversational writing style which makes the book relaxing and easy to read. The point-of-view alternates between Kendra, Lauren and Brianna. This allows readers to see the various situations from each woman’s perspective. The women were complex characters whose emotions leaped from the pages. I wish Spencer had been as developed. I felt he was neglected though he comes across as a warm, loving and interesting man. We see how mistakes and miscommunication affect relationships. I do want readers to know that the story contains foul language and intimate situations. I liked the one of my favorite books was recommended for one of Brianna’s patrons (Discovery of Witches) plus the television show Say Yes to the Dress (they even visit Kleinfeld’s). It was interesting to learn more about a writer’s life. Their work does not end when they finish the book (edits, publicity, marketing). My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding is a light relaxing story that is the perfect book to read at the beach, beside a pool or next to a lake.
Katie__B 6 months ago
3.5 stars First of all I love how this story was inspired by a wedding dress that has been worn by generations of women in the author's family. It's pretty cool when a writer can incorporate a piece of themselves into the fictional world they create. This book turned out to be a nice, solid read about friendship and forgiveness. This is the first book I have read by the author and I would definitely be up for taking a look at her other novels. Lauren and Briana were best friends growing up. Lauren's mother, Kendra, took Brianna under her wing after Brianna's parents couldn't be troubled with raising her. But something happens and Brianna and Lauren's friendship is essentially over. Years later, Lauren has returned to her mother's home for a visit and will be forced to interact with Brianna and her family. This is a story about love, regret, forgiveness, and of course friendship. I liked how the story alternated between the perspectives of Lauren, Brianna, and Kendra. Whether or not you agreed with the actions of certain characters you at least could see for yourself their motivations. This is the type of story in which you have a fairly good idea about the end game but it still makes for a nice read. The only small criticism I have is I thought Lauren and her relationship with Spencer was the weakest part of the story. I understood Lauren's feelings more in the beginning of the book rather than the end. It was almost as if I was told rather than shown if that makes any sense. Just a minor nitpick, as overall I thought this was an enjoyable read! Thank you to First to Read for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy! I was under no obligation to post a review here and all views expressed are my honest opinion.
Cynthia Servat 6 months ago
I quickly slipped into a world of ex-best friends, a small picturesque beach town and a book of secrets and forgiveness. Lauren, a very successful author, Bree a would be author and book store owner and Kendra, mother to Lauren and mother like to Bree. Lauren and Bree have not really spoken in decades, ever since Bree backed out last minute on a lifetime dream of moving to New York City with Lauren where they both would become successful authors. Lauren has never forgiven Bree and Bree holds her own grudge against Lauren. When Lauren becomes engaged to Spencer, the perfect man in my opinion, Lauren heads back home to the Outer Banks with Spencer. What awaits Lauren is a huge surprise about her past and some truths about her friendship with Bree. I inhaled this book and pictured each and every scene in my mind.The characters really seemed so lifelike that I hated for this book to end! I was rooting for Lauren and Bree to become friends again and for Kendra to come to terms with a past that she left behind long ago. Bree seemed to struggle in so many areas of her life and Lauren needed to come to terms with a betrayal so deep I felt that they could really use each other to lean on. I loved this book, the characters , the setting and the story line. I honestly feel like I made a whole new set of friends!